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Y-Cable Splitter:

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Comprehensive Real-Time GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking System

Advanced GPS Business Vehicle Tracking - $19.95 per month, No Contracts

The LiveViewGPS Difference: Enterprise level tracking for business or personal use, that is intuitive and super easy to use. 2 minute updates, $19.95 per month, no contracts.

Stay Informed, eliminate time sheet and overtime fraud, stop unsafe driving, get instant speed, idle, route, boundary, after hours, ignition, and low battery alerts when they happen!
The Fleet Tracker OBD is a real-time plug and play GPS tracker that works with most vehicles built after 1996. Device plugs right into the OBD port for direct from vehicle data.

Included with each purchase is a Special Y-cable harness, allowing you to keep your stock OBD port open, and provides for a more covert/secure install. If tampering were to take place, the Fleet Tracker OBD has an internal battery back up and can be easily set up to send an alert message when disconnected or tampered with.  

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to install - Includes Internal Battery Backup
  • Tampering Detection/Low Battery Warning & Alerts
  • Available Driver Behavior, hard braking & acceleration detection
  • Monitor Fuel Consumption/Miles Per Gallon
  • Mapping: 2D and 3D maps, view all fleet, view historical
  • Alerts: Speeding, Idle, Low Battery, Stops, Odd-Hours, Service & Maintenance Reminders
  • Dispatch to drivers smartphones
  • Dispatch from landmark, closest to location, closest to vehicle, and more
  • Fuel card integration available
  • Landmarks - easily create on demand or import 1-10000 landmark locations
  • Unlimited Locates On Demand
  • Posted Speed Violation Reporting. Date/Time/Miles Over & Location Of Violation
  • Schedule Reports
  • Mobile Apps Included
The Fleet Tracker OBD unit transmits data back to our servers via the Verzion data network.

Position updates are done every 1 or 2 minutes when the vehicle is moving, depending on the plan you select. You can also locate the Fleet Tracker OBD on demand and see real-time locations at any moment.

You’ll also see important vehicle related information, such as ignition status, where vehicles are stopped, vehicle idle times, speeding over posted speed limits as well as many other important data points that you may need to see.

The Fleet Tracker OBD includes an internal battery back-up, which can be set to alert you if someone is tampering with the device. The Fleet Tracker OBD will transmit for about two hours once it has been removed from power.

Optional Driver Behavior Buzzer Included. If you wish to use this feature, we can configure the device to trigger buzzer alert when speeding, excessive idling, rapid acceleration, deceleration, or hard cornering. A high pitched continuous audible “beep-beep” alerts the driver whenever they are exceeding thresholds mandated and set by their supervisor. This feature by default is off, but we can turn it on at no additional charge.

For those vehicles, where the OBD port is in an intrusive location, we have available a splitter cable,which allows you to install the gps tracker in a more covert fashion.

This gps tracker is powered by the Fleet Tracker Platform, this internet based software as a service system means you can access your account from any internet connected device.

Service Integration

The Fleet Tracker platform can integrate with your other business applications providing you with a more complete view of your fleet operations.

Some Examples Of Integrated Companies: Service Titan, NISC, Dossier Systems, Fleetcor, Fleetio, Fourkites, ArcGIS,Comdata, Epicor, Macropoint, Wex Fuelcards, Fuelman, Voyager and more...

fleet and fuel card integrations

Integration Types: GIS Mapping, Maintenance software, Fuel cards, Outage management software, dispatching software, fleet management software, asset management software, logistics load tracking software, ERP software and more.

Integration Methods Include: APIs, Webhooks, Map Overlays, Data Connect and Data Dump.

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