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The Enfora Mini MT GPRS Tracker

Slim and compact the Enfora Mini MT gps tracker takes personal and professional tracking to the next level. When we tested this device on our system, we were AMAZED at how fast real-time locates were returned to our computer screen.

The Enfora is portable, can be used in any vehicle and does not require installation. The Enfora Mini MT's internal 1340 mAh battery will keep it powered for about 8 hours. Using the included cigarette lighter adapter, the device will remain powered when connected to your vehicle's power system. The Enfora Mini MT can also be worn on a belt clip or even placed in a purse or backpack. The Enfora Mini can be hardwired to your vehicles power supply with the optional 12 VDC female to male adapter.

Locate On Demand:

From any web enabled computer, login, press locate device - and the Enfora's position will appear on an integrated Mapquest Map (Map View, Aerial View, Hybrid View). You can zoom the map in and out, or change the view with a click of a button.

Interval Track:

From your web control panel, you can configure the Enfora MT to automatically report its location based on a time variable. Such as every minute, 5 minutes, hourly, etc. You can also select what days it will report, and during what hours during those days. Each location request is stored on our servers, when you log into your web portal, you can view this information on a map or in the form of a report. Interval alerts can be set to message your cell or email with position updates. The messages would include the street address of where the device was at the time the position request was made.

Zone Alerts:

From your web portal, configure the Enfora MT to alert you whenever the device enters a "zone" that you specify on the map. Alerts can be sent to you cell phone or email.

Speed Alerts:

From your web portal, configure the Enfora MT to alert you whenever the device exceeds a speed threshold you set. Alerts can be sent to your cellular phone via sms text message or to an email address.

Panic Button:

When pressed the Enfora Mini MT will send a text message and/or email to any of your contacts in the system. The text message will alert you that the "panic" button has been pressed, and the street address of where the device is.

Arm When Parked:

This built-in button when pressed will send you an immediate alert when your vehicle has been moved, in instances of towing or theft.

Export Data To Google Earth:

Simply click a button from within the web control panel to export data directly to a Google KML file. You can import the data directly into Google Earth.

Our Review Of The Enfora MT:

It is a very accurate tracking device. We were able to locate the Enfora even indoors on many occasions, it is equipped with a highly sensitive GPS chipset. The data is returned to the server almost instantaneously. The device was easily locatable from within a glove box of a car, or even under the dash. When we tested the panic alert button, we were able to see the alerts being received in our cell phone from within 5-20 seconds!

Low Monthly Cost:

Starting At $24.95 Per Month For 1,700 Real-Time Locates/Events! Login & Locate ON DEMAND From Any Web Enabled Computer! With this tracker our monthly plans are just unbelievable! For $24.95 per month you get 1,700 locates or events per month! $29.95 gives you just about 5,200 locate/events per month! And for unlimited use - its a low $39.95 per month

Plug the included 12 VDC power cord adapter into your vehicle's cigarette lighter accessory and the Enfora will run continuously. Or, purchase optional 12 VDC hardwire kit and install covertly under dash.


  • Locate On Demand From Any Web Enabled Computer
  • Device Configured For Use In US, Hawaii & Puerto Rico (AT&T GPRS Network)
  • Panic Button Enabled
  • Arm When Parked
  • Portable - Move From Vehicle To Vehicle
  • Cell Phone & Email Alerts
  • Zone Alerts
  • Speed Alerts
  • Compact Dimensions: 4" L x 2 1/4" W x 1" H
  • Durable Polycarbonate Finish
  • Low Cost High Locate Packages!

What You Will Receive:

  • Enfora Mini MT Tracker
  • 120 VAC Wall Charger
  • USB Charge Cable
  • 12 VDC Battery Charger
  • Unlimited Web Access 24/7
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free Tech Support

In Stock - Ships SAME Business Day Ordered - When Ordered Before 3 PM PST. Questions? Call Us Toll Free: 1-888-544-0494

Customer Product Reviews:

August 8, 2008 by Dave G.
I have an 82 yr. old step-dad and use this to track him when I'm at work during the day. The panel to program the device is so easy to use and I love the many options availalbe. The only negative is the battery life which is a problem with many of these types of devices. The company was great with the service and tech support and the product gives me peace of mind when I am out of the house.
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