How Wood Floor Refinishing Fleets Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

24 Aug 2017

Wood floor refinishing businesses have a lot of irons in the fire on any given day. Keeping track of different trucks and crews going to different worksites to refinish floors while ensuring that the right materials and supplies go along with the right vehicles is a huge undertaking in itself. Creating routes that guarantee maximum efficiency promising you a better use of your crews and your time means more money in your pockets.

GPS fleet tracking for wood floor refinishing fleets can help you with that. Below are just a few ways GPS fleet tracking can boost your bottom line.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Sounds like a tall order for a little bit of computer software to handle. But, the right GPS fleet tracking system handles this tall task beautifully by providing you with accurate appointment windows, offering customers the opportunity to track your progress toward their home in real time, and by eliminating unnecessary downtime due to traffic delays, getting lost, or inefficient routing practices.

Reduce Record Keeping Burdens

Do you even care to guess how much time and energy is expended in your organization each month with random record keeping related to where drivers are going, how long they spend on various projects, mileage, fuel consumption, driver logs, etc.? Without GPS fleet tracking systems, these records must be recorded by hand. This means that your office workers spend a lot of time and energy chasing down drivers in search of receipts, logbooks, invoices, and more.

GPS fleet tracking can be customized to create these records for your wood floor refinishing business automatically – saving you time and money month after month while keeping your records in order for you.

Hold Employees Accountable

Not only can GPS tracking be used to keep up with the location of your employees at all times – to ensure they’re on the jobsites where they are supposed to be, but it can also help to encourage them to stay on task, on route, and under control behind the wheel.

Because fleet tracking systems offer GPS coordinates in real time, you can set up alerts to notify you when drivers deviate from their assigned routes (such as running personal errands on company time), driver aggressively, speed, or operate company vehicles outside of business hours. This helps you keep them accountable to their assigned tasks and for their driving practices in your business vehicles.

All of these things combined add up to huge savings for your business, greater customer’s satisfaction, and reduced burdens when it comes to keeping business records – and these are just the highlights of what GPS flleet tracking can do for your wood floor refinishing business.

Do you own or operate a wood floor refinishing business? If so, contact us here at LiveViewGPS to learn more about the benefits of GPS fleet tracking.  1-888-544-0494




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