How Utility Companies Can Benefit from GPS Tracking

6 Mar 2014

Utility companies keep the country running. Literally. When they’re not working at maximum capacity and efficiency, no one is. That’s one reason GPS tracking for utility fleets is so important for utility companies today.

It’s more than simply helping you cut fuel costs and keep your drivers from driving too fast. Though, for many companies those reasons are incentive enough. In actuality, they are simply the icing on the cake. These are the benefits your company can enjoy when utilizing GPS for utility fleets.

Ensures that there is Adequate Technician Coverage for the Task at Hand

Utility companies work in large cities and some of the most remote areas in the country. When there are power outages to contend with, it’s vital that utility companies can get the closest men and women to the location in question.

GPS tracking on all fleet vehicles allows you to quickly identify the nearest vehicle so you can reroute it to power line and other utility hot spots. When demand is high, the tasks becomes more challenging for dispatchers in ordinary situations.

GPS tracking helps identify the most efficient routes to hit all the problem areas without wasting time, mileage, or resources in the process.

Faster Access to Help in Emergencies

There is danger involved in utility work. When accidents occur and emergencies arise, you need to be able to move people quickly from one area to another to offer assistance. This often involves finding the available vehicles that are closest to the emergency location. You need to be able to do this in a matter of seconds.

That’s where GPS tracking truly excels. With a few keystrokes, you can identify the nearest vehicles and arrange for assistance to arrive as quickly as possible so that help arrives in a timely manner.

Easily Direct Fleet Activity During Widespread Power Outages

Sometimes, Mother Nature really seems to have it in for utility workers. She dishes out her worst leaving downed trees and power lines by the mile — or so it seems. In these moments, dispatchers have a challenging task without the assistance of GPS fleet tracking tools.

GPS allows you to identify trouble spots and dispatch the appropriate force of utility workers to the outage areas. This is even possible when the questionable areas are scattered throughout the city.

Provide a More Productive Schedule for the Workday

Not all days in the lives of utility workers involve emergencies or massive power outages. Some days, it’s all routine. Even then, GPS fleet management enables you to plan your routes more cost effectively saving your company, drivers, and customers a lot of money in the process.Industries, such as the utilities industry, are just now beginning to realize the potential of GPS technology to assist in protecting and repairing the power grid that keeps our great country running.

GPS technology helps utilities deal with the daily grind as well as helping them to step up to the plate and really knock it out of the park when power grids go down due to Mother Nature’s wrath or manmade disasters.


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