Understanding GeoFencing and How It Can Benefit Your Fleet-Based Business

23 May 2016

A well-known and ever-increasing technology in the location-based fleet management systems and workforce is geoFencing. It is set up to play a vital role in the development of new applications.

In a nutshell, geofences can be thought of as virtual perimeters on a map. They can be a square, circle or another shape created for a specific purpose. Geofencing, just like a physical fence, can be used for monitoring and recording exit and entry of a place within the ‘fence’ automatically.

How GeoFencing Improves the Overall Productivity of your Fleet Business

The good news for fleet businesses is that geofencing offers a truckload of benefits.

Arriving and Departing from Work Sites

It’s important that your fleet drivers arrive on time at a job site. With geofencing, there’s no need for time cards. This technology will alert you when your workers arrive on a job site and the time they began work. They no longer will have to clock in or fill out timesheets. With this technology, drivers are unable to use fleet vehicles and equipment without authorization since you will be alerted each time a vehicle leaves a designated area and therefore allowing you to track where your equipment is during work hours.

Timesheet Verification/Client Billing

Automatic alerts notify you of each fleet vehicle’s arrival or departure of a job site with GPS fleet tracking. This allows you to log the time workers spend on and off the job which can help with payroll purposes and client billing.

Liability and Responsibility

With geofence alerts, you can easily prevent unnecessary costs of damaged equipment, vehicles or a lawsuit by having the ability to monitor after hour use of your fleets. Because of this, your insurance premiums will decrease and you will save money down the road.

Stolen Equipment Recovery

If one of your fleet vehicles or pieces of equipment should be moved outside your designated geofence perimeter, you will be alerted immediately. You can have stolen equipment recovered fast as well. Basically, your fleets with be provided with alarms and other features for fleet management to notify you when perimeters have been crossed. This helps to improve fuel management, reduce liability and identify expected route deviations.

No matter how you configure your geofencing technology, it can provide you with a wide range of tracking capabilities to keep an eye on your fleet vehicles, equipment and workers. New forms of sources and types of geographic content and the ability to share them offer you with alluring capabilities to include real-time, dynamic data into your decision making.

Are you an owner or manager of a business with a fleet and want to learn more about the capabilities and advantages of geofencing? Contact us at LiveViewGPS  at 1-888-544-0494, and we’ll be happy to help.

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