Top 10 GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits

6 Apr 2015

GPS fleet tracking offers many benefits to fleet owners, operators, and drivers. These benefits represent the cream of the crop for all parties involved.

1) Cut Fuel Costs

Whether you have five vehicles in your fleet or 50, fuel costs are no laughing matter. GPS tracking offers numerous opportunities to cut the cost of fuel from creating more fuel efficient routes and eliminating route crossovers to helping drivers avoid traffic jams and slowdowns that are less fuel efficient.

2) Enhances Customer Service and Satisfaction Experiences

Who doesn’t want satisfied customers? GPS fleet tracking systems help you provide your customers with more accurate windows or appointment estimates. This makes customers much happier and even more likely to call on your business to meet their needs in the future.

3) Improve Route Efficiency

Whether it’s zig-zagging across town to take care of business as it rolls in or simply crossing over other drivers that may be closer to take care of customers in a first come first served manner, inefficiencies in the routing process cost companies money, man hours, and, in many cases, overtime pay for employees.  GPS tracking and routine services can eliminate the cross over by measuring routes according to driver location rather than who’s likely to finish next.

4) Reduce Labor Costs

Along with the improved efficiency of routes is the added bonus that labor costs are likely to go down. This isn’t only the case when you’re dealing with multiple drivers, however. More efficient routing makes every driver more efficient which reduces time on the road and labor costs companies must pay as a result.

5) Boosts Driver Performance and Safety

While many drivers may initially balk at the idea of GPS fleet tracking, the truth of the matter is that it does improve driver safety and performance. There’s something about knowing that your moves are being tracked that helps drivers stay within the prescribed speed limit and drive with safety in mind.

On a more positive note, the tracking often works in drivers’ favor when complaints are made about timely arrivals. The administrator can simply trace the steps and point out that you were, in fact, where you were supposed to be at the prescribed hour.

6) Prevents Theft and Facilitates Vehicle Recovery

Not only is GPS tracking an effective deterrent for thieves, but it also aids in vehicle recovery when trucks are stolen. Since you rely on your trucks for profit, the sooner you get them back out on the roads delivering their goods, the better it is for your business. Besides no one wants to deal with the headache and hassle of stolen vehicles. This just makes that an unlikely event.

7) Keeps Maintenance and Repairs on Track

One great thing about an effective GPS fleet tracking system is that it not only keeps track of when maintenance needs to be performed on each individual vehicle, but it also sends out reminders so that you don’t have to track it yourself. It also conducts routine diagnostics on your vehicles to let you know if or when repairs are needed. The combined benefit of routine maintenance and vehicle diagnostics means fewer costly repairs for you and reduces the likelihood of mechanically-related accidents.

8) Increases Driver Productivity

By keeping the routes in balance and avoiding unnecessary time spent in traffic or off course, you’re able to keep your drivers more productive throughout the day.

9) Eases Record Keeping and Record Management

It’s easy to print records for each driver shift, route, etc. in order to keep tabs on driver history and performance should you ever have need of these records or this vital information

10) Lowers Insurance Rates

For many insurance carriers, the combined benefit of acting as a theft deterrent with the ability to monitor and track drivers remotely is the perfect situation for deep discounts to you. Insurance formulations are all about risks and risk management. These safety features, by you, are great methods to reduce risks to your business while ensuring the right goods get delivered to their intended destinations.

With great benefits like these leading the way, the big question is what are you waiting for? GPS fleet tracking has much to offer your business if you’re not taking advantage of these benefits yet, it’s time to start.

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