How to Help Your Teen Overcome a Failed Drivers Test

6 Sep 2018

For some teenagers, taking their driver’s license test can be very stressful. If they fail the test, it can be a huge source of embarrassment and a blow to their confidence. While you can’t retake the test for them, there are some things you can do to help your teen overcome their failed driver’s test.

Help Them Keep Things in Perspective

While your teen may feel like a failure, talk them through this situation and help them maintain a healthy perspective on whole thing. Sure, it may feel like a blow to their future by failing the test, but it’s definitely not the last chapter in their life story. Validate their feelings at first and let them know it’s okay to feel angry, upset or disappointed. Allow them to vent their frustration.

Remind Them Everyone Fails from Time to Time

Failing the driver’s test may be particularly hard if your teen isn’t used to failing. Remind them at some point, everyone fails at something. They’re only human and they’ll get through it.

Explain to Them Failure Doesn’t Define Them

Failing the driver’s test might seem to your teen as if they’re a failure at life. Remind them it is just one test and doesn’t mean they’re going to fail at life. It simply means they’ve met an obstacle, but that’ll move past this and likely do better next time.

Practice with Them Some More

Don’t let your teen stop at a failed test. Encourage them to get out there and practice driving some more until they’re confident and comfortable with it. Go over the rules of the road with them again and make sure they didn’t fail their test because of bad driving behaviors they didn’t realize they were performing. Take them driving around the driving test area so they’ll get comfortable with it.

Encourage Them to Take the Test Again

Just because they failed their first driving test doesn’t mean they give up hope and their dreams of having their license. While they may be reluctant to get behind the wheel of a car right away, the sooner they do, the better they’ll feel. Let them know that obtaining a driver’s license is only one of many huge accomplishments they must look forward to. And, the longer they wait to retake the test, the more nervous they’re going to get.

Talk through the situation with your teen and get them out there on the road practicing driving so they can fine-tune their skills. Once they obtain their license, they’re going to forget about that failed test and will be driving around on their own in no time.

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