How Sewer Line Replacement Companies Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

16 Aug 2017

Sewer line replacement is something most people don’t think about until the moment when they need it most. That means many jobs for your sewer line replacement business are often an emergency jobs.

It also means that there are numerous benefit GPS fleet tracking can offer your business, including these listed below.

Accurate Appointment Windows

Not only will this free up your phone lines so you’re not dealing with anxious customers at all hours of the day, but it will also be a huge weight off the minds of your customers who are eager to receive your services.

Gone are the days when you had to tell your customers you would get to them at some point during the day. Now you can offer accurate appointment windows that let them know when they need to be home to receive you and how long they’ll need to wait before your arrival to replace their damaged sewer lines.

Verification for Billing

GPS provides very accurate verification that you were on a given jobsite and how long you were there. That way if disputes arise over the accuracy of your billing, you have GPS evidence of the amount of time your people spent on a specific jobsite.

Schedule More Efficient Routes

Efficiency is critical for sewer line replacement companies. The biggest way you can increase your revenue is by being more efficient at the tasks at hand. GPS routing can help you plan routes that will help you get from one jobsite to the next faster and without burning extra fuel in the process. This saves you money while helping you to make money faster at the same time. Your entire organization wins.

Keep Your Employees on Task

The other benefit of GPS tracking is that your employees understand they are being watched. This will help them stay on task and prevent them from straying from their prescribed routes during the day. The result is that you save a great deal of money by keeping your people motivated, avoiding unnecessary detours along the route, and keeping your customers satisfied thanks to timely appointment scheduling and sewer line replacements.

GPS fleet tracking for sewer line replacement companies is simply smart business allowing you, and your people, to work smarter, rather than harder. When this happens, your business is able to earn more money in the same number of hours day after day while satisfying a greater number of customers with billing accuracy, timely appointment scheduling, and prompt service when they need it most.

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