Protect Your Personal Property With The Ultimate Device

19 Mar 2008

Protect Your Personal Property

Do you have high end “toys” that you would hate to lose? Do you live in a place where stealing occurs on a regular basis? Do you want a way to protect your personal property without having to spend a fortune? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then there is an option available to you that can help you to protect your things: the DeWalt DS500.

“Speeding from the scene of the crime, a Chinese boy tows a floating plastic bag of stolen natural gas last week.” (Photo From National Geographic News – Amazing Isn’t it!)

The DeWalt DS500 is a versatile GPS tracking system that offers not only protection but recovery of your personal property. This tiny device can be hidden anywhere on your valuables. It is so small that it is difficult to detect and if by chance it is found, it is tamper proof. As there are no buttons, no screws no faceplate to be seen, it is extremely difficult to break open and disarm.

This little device is very simply placed on your personal property (cars, boats, motorcycles, campers, etc.) by way of an extremely powerful magnet. It is activated by going to a web controlled system where you program how you want to be alerted. That is all there is to it. No matter where you are, you will be alerted by the DeWalt DS500 if there is any change to your personal property. This means that should your property be touched (if you set up the vibration alert) or should it move from its spot (if you set up the alarm mode) you will be alerted immediately. There are also various other alerts/sensors that you are able to set up on the easy to use web controlled program. It is a very easy quick set up that once done will give you the peace of mind that your possessions are safe.

The DeWalt DS500 gives you many options in protecting your property. Once you are alerted, you can actually set off a alarm through the unit. This alone might be enough to scare away the thief. However, if this is not the case, you can find out exactly where your property by using the web controlled tracking program. This will enable you to track exactly where the thief is taking your prized possession. The other nice thing is that many law enforcement agencies now have the capability to follow GPS tracking devices. As this is a web based system and many police officers now have computers in their cars, they can easily track your stuff (as long as you supply the information). This will make getting back your stolen property much faster.

So the next time you park your motorcycle on the street, dock your boat at a marina, or leave your tool box out where someone can take it, give yourself peace of mind by investing in the DeWalt DS500. It is the best 70 cents per day that you have ever spent.

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