The Problem with the “How’s My Driving?” Bumper Sticker

14 Mar 2018

On the roadways, your drivers represent your business. The actions of your drivers greatly affect public opinion about your business and can have a direct impact on where people turn for their business needs. Regardless of the industry you’re in, if your drivers are driving recklessly or irresponsibly, you are losing customers and potential business. That is one reason so many companies took to using bumper stickers and vehicle signs asking drivers on the roads to call in and report about drivers.

The Fatal Flaw with the Bumper Sticker Idea

In theory it’s a great idea. The problem is that most drivers today either don’t want to be bothered with calling in to report on other drivers or they believe it’s none of their business and they should keep their thoughts to themselves. You’re relying on other people to monitor your drivers for you and that really doesn’t work.

They’re still forming negative opinions about your business based on the actions of drivers in both cases, they’re just not going out of their way to tell you about it. In fact, the only time reports are made are when drivers cross the line from aggressive or reckless into the territory of outright dangerous.

By then, you’re risking accidents, lawsuits, and a real reputation crisis. The bottom line is that waiting on the public to tell you how your drivers are doing is not an effective tool for measuring driver behavior. Since you can’t follow your drivers around all day to monitor their actions on the road you must seek other alternatives to get the information you need about your drivers.

A Sensible Solution

The solution is one that is simple, doesn’t rely on public response, and highly effective. The solution is to make use of GPS fleet tracking. Fleet tracking monitors your drivers and reports back to you for a wide variety of on-the-road transgressions, including:

  • Speeding
  • Hard Braking
  • Fast Acceleration
  • Swerving
  • Weaving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Route Deviations
  • After-Hour Use of Company Vehicles

In fact, you can identify the behaviors you want it to report and how you want it reported (text message, email, etc.). The great thing about tools like this, is that they allow you to look for signs of consistent driver behaviors.

It’s one thing for drivers to react to events on the road, it’s another thing to have a pattern of these reckless or aggressive driving actions. Receiving these notifications from a GPS fleet tracking system allows you to address these patterns among your employees before they become bigger problems for your business than a reputation hit.


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