Preparing Special Needs Students for Back to School

29 Jul 2020

Children with special needs all over the country are going back to school after this long stretch of the COVID-19 chaos. This transition can be particularly difficult given the disruption of your child’s routine, the extended lack of social interaction, and that the school your child’s used to when they return may look very different.

Many children with special needs, particularly autism, find comfort in consistency and routine, which has made the past several months very trying. Your child’s return to school and receiving the relief they require will be a relief, however, the transition might be a little bumpy at first. Here are some tips for parents with kids with special needs to make the transition back to school go much smoother.

  1. Make Sure Special Accommodations are Put in Place

Before you send your child back to school, talk with your child’s teacher, guidance counselor, or case manager. Check that all important accommodations and agreed-upon supports, like your child’s IEP (or 504) are put in place and ready to go. If there are problems, it’s better you’re aware of them beforehand because it’s likely small issues can be addressed prior to your child even stepping foot in the school.

  1. Buy Supplies

As far as supplies for school, purchase supplies that will help keep your child organized. If there’s a special type of pencil, for instance, the pediatric occupational therapist uses, make sure it’s on your list.

  1. Address Back-to-School Jitters

You can help relieve some anxiety about going back to school simply by talking with your child about the upcoming school year. Discuss the different exciting ways they’ll be participating in school, such as:

  • Activities
  • Classes
  • Events

Just talking about things like this with your child can help ease any stress or anxiety about the unknown.

  1. Visit Their Classroom Early

Many schools schedule a back-to-school night where you can bring your child along to check out their new classroom and meet their teacher. If your child requires a sensory-friendly atmosphere or more time becoming adjusted to the surroundings than what the back-to-school night affords, talk with the school and see if they’ll allow a little special time for your family to come in. This can help provide your child with a sense of their upcoming space they’ll be in each day once school starts.

  1. Use GPS Tracking for Kids With Special Needs

Wandering is a common cause of concern for many parents, especially in a school environment, where they’ll be more exposed to stimuli that could act like triggers. As a parent, you’ll of course want to know where your child is at all times and GPS tracking for children can help you easily track your child and locate them in the case of an emergency.

GPS trackers can learn your child’s day-to-day schedule as well as identify regularly visited places like school. Therefore, you’ll receive notifications during the day each time your child arrives or leaves school. You’ll also be immediately notified if your child is in a potentially dangerous or “unrecognized” location.

You’ll be able to access an app to see your child’s route home and their estimated time of arrival. This will allow you to take advantage of the time your child is away so you can get things done before and know exactly when they’re on their way home.

For children with special needs, school can be an exciting experience, but it can also be a difficult one. By being able to anticipate potential issues before they occur you can turn them into solutions. Of course it’s the job of the school to ensure your child has exactly what they require to succeed. But, nobody will understand, care about, or advocate for your child more than you.

Reach out to us here at LiveViewGPS if you’re considering GPS tracking for your child. Call us at 1-888-544-0494.


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