Where to Place a GPS Tracking Unit Within Your Fleet Vehicles

25 Apr 2016

GPS tracking devices offer a wealth of benefits for business owners who utilize a fleet of vehicles. They improve safety, improve efficiency, reduce fuel cost, and lower expenses, among other things.

If you’re thinking about taking advantage of the benefits that GPS tracking devices offer by installing them in your fleet of vehicles, where to place them within the company automobiles is something you certainly want to consider. Proper placement can ensure that you are reaping the benefits that these devices offer.

So, where do you place a GPS tracking device in your company vehicles? Here are some valuable pointers if you are using a covert battery powered gps tracker.  Most businesses use a hardwired gps tracking device, which is typically hardwired under the dash of the vehicle.

For Battery Powered GPS Trackers:

  • On the dashboard or rear shelf. If you are using a battery-powered tracker, you are going to want to provide the device with direct access to the sky. Doing so will ensure that it receives an uninterrupted connection with the GPS satellite. When mounting on the dash, be sure that the device is a few inches away from any other device that provides location information to avoid interference.
  • Under the vehicle. If you want to hide the GPS fleet tracking device, a great location to place it is under the vehicle. This will keep the device out of sight of anyone who may be tempted to tamper with it. If you are going to mount it under the vehicle, make sure you place it in a weatherproof case that is specially designed to be placed in this location.
  • Inside the dashboard. If you want total anonymity, install the device in the dashboard. You will need a hardwired tracker for this location, and the device will be installed in the dash, just like a stereo. These devices are powered by the vehicle, which means you won’t have to worry about constantly charging it.

Placement of your GPS tracking devices for your fleet is an important consideration, and these are all excellent options that will allow for successful use.

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