How Painting Companies Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

18 Dec 2017

During certain times of year, painting companies seem to have an endless stream of work. Whether your painting company is large or small, you can enjoy many benefits by using GPS fleet tracking to help you grow your business and your profits.

Plan More Efficient Routes

The right routing can not only help you save money on fuel, but can allow you to work more jobs into your busy days. This is especially the case when your employees know they are being monitored and have added incentive to get jobs done quickly and efficiently – so they can move on to the next. This brings you bigger and better profits without spending more to accomplish your goal.

Enjoy Happier Customers

Customers want to get their homes, offices, and other projects painted quickly and with as little distraction from their normal routines as possible. Ensuring that your employees get their quickly and operate efficiently is the number one way to ensure that your customers are pleased with the work you’ve done and the results you’ve delivered.

Encourage Safer Driving

GPS systems that can monitor the real-time driving habits of your painters are outstanding tools for helping your business generate more good will from the public and keeping your drivers, vehicles, and equipment safe from accidents. Establish policies related to driving and use your fleet tracking system to monitor your drivers’ actions behind the wheel. You can even set up notices to alert you when drivers engage in certain aggressive behaviors behind the wheel that include things like:

  • Speeding
  • Weaving
  • Swerving
  • Hard Braking

These types of actions can cause accidents and generate hostility among other drivers on the road – especially if your painting company name is on the vans and trucks they’re driving.

Assist in the Recovery of Vehicles When They are Stolen

People steal vehicles for a variety of reasons and panel vans and trucks are common targets of thieves for just as many different reasons. If your vehicles are stolen, live tracking with a GPS system allows law enforcement to track and quickly recover your vehicles that have been stolen so you, and your painters, can get back to work.

Painting companies have a lot of responsibility on any given day. GPS fleet tracking for your painting business allows you to improve your profits, reduce your expenses, and keep your customers happier for less. It’s the perfect solution to build your business bigger, better, faster, and more for less.

So, what are you waiting for? If you own or manage a painting company with a fleet, give us a call at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more about the benefits of GPS fleet tracking and fleet management.



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