Farms are becoming more important than ever as the number of people on the planet requiring food balloons and available landmass designated for farming shrinks. Forbes suggests that food production will need to increase by 70 percent by 2050 to feed a world’s population that will approach 10 billion.

Future proofing agriculture is a bigger challenge than the average person realizes. One thing that is changing the outlook of farming though, smart farming. In fact, smart farming may be the key to future growth in agriculture. But what is it?

Smart farming is a process by which we use a combination of data and technology to improve the quantity and quality of production on the world’s farms. It’s already happening, to some degree, on large-scale or corporate farms around the world. Even smaller, family farms are beginning to adopt technology to improve crop yields, map soul, and monitor livestock.

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GPS fleet tracking offers many benefits to fleets. While some would fear that dispatchers would find it off-putting, most dispatchers love the benefits that fleet tracking with GPS has to offer their entire organizations. These are just a few of the reasons dispatchers are in love GPS fleet tracking.

Allows Them to Accomplish More with Fewer Resources

Imagine getting more accomplished during the day while paying fewer drivers and having fewer trucks on the road. That’s exactly what can happen when you improve dispatching efficiency with GPS fleet tracking. It’s not all about cutting fuel costs, which it helps with tremendously. It’s also about improving organizational efficiency, getting more work accomplished, and making more money for everyone in the end.

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Whether your bike is a recreational vehicle for you or your primary mode of transportation, it is an investment you’ve made in your health and your ability to get from point A to point B. Preventing the theft of your bike can save you precious time and money while protecting the investment you’ve made in your bike. These are things you can do to make your bike a less likely target for thieves.

  1. Cover your bike with identifying markers. From unique graphics and bright colors, to etchings in the bike that indicate you as the owners, there are a variety of things you can do that will make it easy for you to identify your bike. That means it can be traced and makes it a less attractive target for thieves. The bolder and more obvious the markings, the less attractive the bike becomes.
  2. Use quality locks to secure your bike. Far too often people will invest in top quality chains while using an inexpensive lock to secure the bike. The chain is only as good as the lock. If thieves can break the lock in a matter of seconds, they’ve just netted a great bike AND an excellent chain in the bargain. Armored locks work well in this situation as they are heavier than most cable locks and even more difficult to cut through than chain locks, making them completely unattractive to the average thief.

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