Graduated driver licensing (GDL) laws help to save lives. But, a lot of parents aren’t ensuring their kids are following these laws. Actually, some parents even ignore the laws.

One survey, through, of 1,000 parents and their teenage drivers found almost a third of the parents state they aren’t always enforcing GDL laws. When compared to a survey in 2018 asking the same question, this is a drop of nine percentage points.

According to traffic safety experts, it’s the GDL laws responsible for the drop in teen driver death over the past couple of decades. States:

  • Don’t give younger drivers full driving freedom
  • Might limit the hours teen drivers can drive
  • Might limit who can drive with them
  • Restrict younger drivers from texting and using cell phones (nearly all states)

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Serving the laundering needs of hotels, restaurants, and event centers means it is incredibly important to make timely deliveries of linens, so each shift has its needs met.

Whether you’re doing all the laundering for these facilities, such as towels, sheets, tablet cloths, napkins, and even uniforms, or you’re only handling specific items, the need to provide prompt service with fast turnaround times is paramount. What you might not know, is that GPS tracking can help you improve your business in many ways, including those listed below.

Route around Event Traffic and Rush Hour Congestion

In order to be where they are needed most, many hotels are located along well-traveled paths. This often makes them vulnerable to high traffic and rush hour congestion. Planning pick-up and drop-off routes around the heaviest traffic hours allows you to be more efficient with your pickups and deliveries.

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If your fleet brings help and supplies to communities recovering from storms like hurricanes, floods and tornadoes, GPS fleet tracking technology can be extremely valuable. Monitoring recovery equipment through the use of GPS fleet tracking devices can make your recovery and relief efforts faster and more efficient.

Take the latest hurricane on the East Coast of the U.S., Dorian, vehicles were tossed around like toys, homes ripped to shreds and people missing as rescue teams continued fighting flooding and the hurricane’s waning outer bands to try and provide help to those stranded in the Bahamas.

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