GPS Fleet Tracking for State Troopers

7 Apr 2020

GPS tracking for law enforcement offers many benefits to state troopers and more — enough benefits that it should be a priority for all law enforcement agencies to equip their fleet vehicles and patrol cars with. These are among the top benefits to state troopers and other law enforcement agencies when it comes to GPS fleet tracking.

Improve Safety and Response Times by Always Knowing Trooper Locations

GPS tracking, in its nature, provides a precise location of officer and trooper whereabouts, at all times when they are on patrol and in, or near, their cars. In these contentious times, it means that help arrives promptly and at the correct locations when officers are hurt in the line of duty or call for assistance.

This, combined with prompt routing to help officers get the fastest route to the location improves response times, and helps to save lives in some cases, and quickly de-escalate tense situations in other cases.

Ensures Troopers are Honest About Overtime

In one news report out of Massachusetts, state police came under fire as it was discovered that more than 40 officers defrauded the state and the department by receiving overtime pay for shifts they didn’t even work. GPS fleet tracking for state police would have identified the situation instantly, quickly ending any attempts to defraud the taxpayers and erode public trust. In fact, the Massachusetts State Police are currently being equipped with GPS tracking systems to prevent attempts, such as this, in the future.

Provides Evidence in Court

GPS tracking tracks locations, stops, starts, speeds, etc. for the vehicles and officers driving them. This can be vital evidence in court when suspects claim they were somewhere else at a specific time. It can become instrumental in corroborating an officer’s retelling of events and is admissible in court in most circumstances.

Durable Communications Tools that Operate by Pressing One Button

Push to talk digital two-way radios for state troopers and other law enforcement officers are designed for use in the worst of weather, meaning they can handle many extremes when it comes to heat and cold and wind and rain. They are also built to take a few knocks and drops along the way. This means they are built tough enough to handle the types of abuse state troopers dish out routinely.

GPS fleet tracking can help your state trooper unit operate more efficiently, save money, improve safety, and so much more. The big question is why aren’t you using it already.

LiveViewGPS offers a myriad of GPS fleet tracking solutions. Get in touch with us today to learn how you state troopers department can excel by using telematics and other features of GPS fleet tracking. 1-888-544-0494

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