George Mason University, located in Fairfax, VA has a delivery system that is taking campus by storm. As of now, students, faculty, and staff can order food and drink delivery from a fleet of helpful robots.

The program came about as the result of a partnership between Starship Technologies, an area robotics firm, and major food services organization Sodexo. Service to students and staff is made possible via the Starship Deliveries app, which promises to deliver a complete transformation of college food services with brands like Starbucks, Blaze Pizza, and even Dunkin’ Donuts getting on board and offering delivery to hungry students and staff across college campuses.

The robot can be tracked via GPS as it makes its delivery so starving students and associate professors can track the progress of their food or coffee fixes, as the case may be. Upon arrival, the robot sends users an alert and they can unlock the robot’s door, so they can receive their items, and make payments via their mobile phone apps.

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Summer is the perfect time for weekend road trips. Unfortunately, with more cars on the roads, the risks of theft and more are even greater. There are things you can do, though, that can help reduce your risks of having your car stolen during your summertime travels.

Steering Wheel Lock

This ingenious device makes your car far more difficult for thieves to take your car. It is essentially a device you mount onto the steering wheel and lock into place rendering the steering wheel unable to turn until the device is removed. While some ingenious thieves may be able to unlock the device, it takes time and calls attention to what they are doing. Two things thieves don’t like. For these reasons, it is a highly effective tool for preventing theft.

Ignition Kill Switches

This hidden gem can be installed in your car, out of plain sight. It functions by disabling your ignition switch so the car cannot start. A specific sequence of events must be taken to unlock the car once the kill switch is activated that thieves are not privy to, allowing only the owner to start the car.

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Troubles with wild turkey are afflicting Clarkston, Mendon, Paradise, Avon and other Northern Utah towns. They can be messy, noisy and have been known to ruffle some feathers.

Once it gets light outside, they wake you up with all their chattering, they’re chattering to one another and you can see them in your backyard, according to a Mendon resident, Carolyn Baker.

Neighbors frequently complain they leave droppings all over their yards and driveways. Because they’re so dirty it messes up everyone’s yards and driveways.

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