What the Best Fleet Managers Do

9 Mar 2022

Whether you’re a tried-and-true veteran fleet manager who runs a tight ship that’s efficient, optimal, and highly successful, or someone starting out that’s looking for tips to do better, there is always room for improvement. As you know, being a good fleet manager is inherent to the success of the fleet and business in general, so read along as we discuss what the best fleet managers do.

Monitor and Prioritize Safe Driving Behavior

 The best fleet managers are always the ones that stress the importance of safe driving in all of their employees. You can’t be a good manager and not actively care and act to protect the safety of your employees. Not only will this help to keep your drivers from harm, but it will save your business money too. That’s why the best fleet managers prioritize safe driving behavior by

  • Training their employees.
  • Setting expectations/
  • Ensuring all employees understand what safe and unsafe driving looks like.
  • Implementing safe driving tools, such as GPS fleet tracking.

To make sure that all employees are driving safe, a good fleet manager has GPS fleet tracking and telematics installed on every vehicle so that they can monitor driving behaviors. This technology can provide the fleet manager with alerts for speeding and harsh braking that is an indication of unsafe driving.  A really good fleet manager may even provide incentives for employees that maintain good driving behavior over long periods of time.

Make Fleet Maintenance Easy

 Regular, easy vehicle maintenance is a must for any successful fleet. Keeping up with inspections for vehicle maintenance when you have a large fleet can be difficult; however, there are ways to make it much easier. Fleet management software with automated service alerts is important to successfully maintaining your fleet. There are many different types of fleet management software can help you stay on top of vehicle maintenance and checkups for you.

Monitor Metrics

 Monitoring your metrics allows you to keep track of your progress and better optimize your operation. You should be looking out for the total cost trend, cost per mile, and operating cost summary. You can use fleet management software like telematics and GPS fleet tracking to gather this data and better streamline your business. You may even be able to find better routes or more efficient ways to coordinate your fleet.

Switch to Digital

 If you haven’t already, you should move all of your fleet documents to the cloud. This will save you time and headaches, and better protect any important documents. Therefore, wherever you are, if you ever need to access certain documents you can pull them up on your phone or computer without searching through your folders and filing cabinets.

If you haven’t incorporated one or more of these practices into your fleet management operations, consider doing so asap to improve the efficiency, success, and safety of your fleet drivers.

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