Many businesses fully understand the benefits GPS tracking has to offer. Law enforcement is another sector that can realize the amazing benefits GPS fleet tracking technology brings to the table. These are just a few of the amazing benefits law enforcement can enjoy by adopting GPS tracking technology for your officers.

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Viewed as prey by both mountain lions and wolves, according to a study, Yellowstone National Park elk have figured out the best way to avoid these predators.

While the elk do sometimes get caught, their ability of dodging the predators each day explains why the elk, wolves and mountain lions are all “thriving” on the park’s landscape.

Wolves are conspicuous, charismatic and simple to single out and the leading predator that affects the deer, elk and other prey animal populations. But, the study found the discreet cougar is really the top predator that influences the elk’s movement across the northern Yellowstone National Park’s winter range.

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Fleet management software is a critical component of fleet success for fleets of all shapes and sizes. If you operate a fleet, these are five major reasons to utilize the benefits of fleet management software in 2020 and beyond.

  1. Improve Fuel Economy for Your Fleet

The Washington Post reports that fuel accounts for approximately 40 percent of fleet expenses in the U.S. Can you imagine what a difference it would make for your bottom line to decrease those costs? Even small savings in fuel expenses can have huge results when multiplied across your entire fleet. The more vehicles in your fleet, the bigger those savings can be. Even small fleets can benefit from this, however, as profit margins are often slimmer from fleets with few vehicles, making the savings even more productive.

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