10 Ways Truck Fleets Can Save on Fuel Amid Rising Gas Prices

25 May 2022

With rising gas prices, everyone is looking to save money on fuel in any way they can. Those that are affected by it most are truck fleets, businesses that rely on fuel for everyday operations. Saving even pennies per gallon of fuel can equate to hundreds and even thousands in savings on fuel costs. Here we will discuss 10 ways that truck fleets can save on fuel amid rising gas prices.

10 Ways Truck Fleets Can Save on Fuel Amid Rising Gas Prices

  1. Improve driver behavior. Improve driver behavior and performance by properly training all new employees on how to drive safely and efficiently.
  2. Reduce engine idle time. Make sure that all of your employees understand that they should not be idling when they don’t need to. Shutting off the engine and turning it back on later saves money on needlessly burning fuel.
  3. Limit AC usage. Although sometimes the AC is needed, there are other times when cracking open a window is while driving is enough. Ask the drivers in your fleet to use the AC sparingly, as it is a big contributor to fuel consumption.
  4. Avoid fast acceleration and speeding. Along with training new drivers how to drive efficiently, all drivers should be reminded to avoid fast acceleration and speeding in general. Rapid acceleration and speeding reduce vehicles’ miles per gallon and thereby increase fuel consumption as a whole.
  5. Monitor mileage. Keeping track of your fleets mileage is a good way to gauge fuel efficiency. This will help you identify less-fuel efficient trucks and drivers and improve their fuel consumption.
  6. Avoid crowded areas. Avoiding crowded areas, especially highways with high-traffic, can greatly reduce the amount of time your drivers spend on the road and cut down on fuel consumption.
  7. Use hybrid vehicles or clean diesel engines. Investing in hydid vehicles and clean diesel engines is a good way to both become more environmentally friendly while also saving you and your business on fuel costs.
  8. Enforce rules regarding driving on the clock. Make sure that all of your drivers understand that while they are on the clock they are not allowed to run personal errands. Personal stops can cost your business and make sure employees understand their are consequences for breaking this rule.
  9. Reward good driving behavior and performance. If you’ve noticed certain drivers are consistently driving safely and efficiently, consider rewarding them. Rewarding drivers will incentivize other employees to improve their own driver behavior.
  10. Use GPS fleet tracking. Hands down the best way to save your fleet on fuel is to install GPS fleet tracking. GPS fleet tracking through LiveVIewGPS can monitor mileage, fuel efficiency, optimize routes, location, and monitor driver behavior. It can also keep track of maintenance checkups and alert you when a vehicle is need of regular maintenance. GPS tracking can save your business money on fuel in half a dozen ways, and you will quickly see the results in savings.

Questions about GPS fleet tracking or want a free demo? Give us a call here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494.


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