A recent study from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) addresses the rise in auto theft numbers in 2020 and 2021. Since June of 2020, there has been a 13 percent increase in auto thefts, and thus far in 2021, there has been an 11 percent increase in auto thefts. There are many contributing factors to the problem, many of them related to COVID-19. Major factors in this sharp uptick in auto theft are attributed to the following:

  • Disenfranchised youth.
  • Unprecedented unemployment.
  • The closing of various social services centers.
  • School closings.
  • Fewer cars being driven, presenting easy targets because they’re not being driven around.
  • Lack of engagement and social opportunities. Kids are bored.

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It’s International Roadcheck time again. Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) along with its Mexican and Canadian counterparts, conduct a 72-hour, all-out inspection effort. Roadcheck is scheduled for May 4 through 6, this 2021.

About the 2021 International Road Check

International Roadcheck is a yearly 3-day event when inspectors certified through CVSA conduct enforcement, compliance and educational initiatives targeted at a variety of elements of:

  • Vehicle
  • Motor carrier
  • Driver safety

International Roadcheck is the biggest targeted commercial motor vehicle enforcement program worldwide, with almost 15 buses or trucks inspected each minute, on average, across the U.S. during a 72-hour time period.

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If you’re the parent of a teen who is ready to drive, even thinking about buying a vehicle for them can seem overwhelming. You’re likely thinking about cost and safety. But your teen may have their own preferences they’re hoping you’ll fulfill, and safety is likely not their number one preference. To help, here’s a list of things to look for and things to avoid when shopping for a car for your teen.

What to Look for in Teen Cars

A few things to look for in your teenager’s first vehicle are:

  1. Safety

Safety should be priority. Whether you’re purchasing a used or new vehicle, you’ll want one with as many safety features as you can afford. You’ll want to look into advanced safety features that help back up your inexperienced teen driver, such as:

  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Electronic stability control
  • Blind spot warning systems
  • Strong obstacle performance
  • Forward collision warning
  • Limited acceleration

These are all important features to take into consideration.

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