GPS Tracking in automobiles is one of the greatest tools to improve driving habits and safety. GPS fleet tracking offers the ability for truck fleets to save money on gas  — and it can also show that driving behaviors may reveal early Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Washington University in St. Louis conducted research to study driving habits of those who may or may not have Alzheimer symptoms. This study can be difficult to prove as all drivers have different habits, good or bad. Some drive fast while others drive slow. Some drive much more aggressively than others.

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GPS trackers help farmers protect their expensive farming equipment and materials, including tractors and hay bales. Farm owners and those who purchase from them will be interested to know that GPS tracking technology is allowing for reduced thefts as more thieves get caught. Word gets around and the overall amount of farming thefts of tractors and additional equipment or supplies is reduced.

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Car insurance is a must. Not only is insuring your car the responsible thing to do but it is also required by law. However, car insurance rates vary wildly depending on make and model. According to Bankrate, five cars are more expensive than all the rest. Not so surprisingly, these are all high-dollar vehicles. It seems that, with great value, comes great liability.

The five most expensive cars to insure are the Nissan GT-R, the Tesla Model X, the Porsche Panamera, the Alfa-Romeo Spider, and the Land Rover Range Rover. Premiums vary depending on the car insurance provider as well as the type of insurance coverage, but these five cars rank highest among average premium prices.

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