Whether you’re a tried-and-true veteran fleet manager who runs a tight ship that’s efficient, optimal, and highly successful, or someone starting out that’s looking for tips to do better, there is always room for improvement. As you know, being a good fleet manager is inherent to the success of the fleet and business in general, so read along as we discuss what the best fleet managers do.

Monitor and Prioritize Safe Driving Behavior

 The best fleet managers are always the ones that stress the importance of safe driving in all of their employees. You can’t be a good manager and not actively care and act to protect the safety of your employees. Not only will this help to keep your drivers from harm, but it will save your business money too. That’s why the best fleet managers prioritize safe driving behavior by

  • Training their employees.
  • Setting expectations/
  • Ensuring all employees understand what safe and unsafe driving looks like.
  • Implementing safe driving tools, such as GPS fleet tracking.

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A driver may be unaware of how dangerous fatigue is or how exhausted they have become, yet fatigue is unpleasant and uncomfortable. Nobody gets into, let alone stays in, that state without some sort of incentive.

Insufficient or inadequate sleep is the most evident reason for fleet driver fatigue. Other factors, on the other hand, can contribute to it.

What is Fleet Driver Fatigue?

Fleet driver fatigue is one of the most significant threats to road safety, posing many problems to both drivers and passengers. Because their vigilance and concentration are reduced, fleet drivers with driver fatigue have less time to react to incoming hazards.

Fleet driver fatigue can quickly develop over long drives, for example, when drivers take insufficient breaks to help break up the monotony. Similarly, irregular or disrupted work patterns might contribute to driving fatigue. Some medical disorders, including sleep apnea, can also make some fleet drivers more sensitive to driver fatigue.

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The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recently released a report on snowmobile thefts in 2018 and 2019. While not as widespread as thefts related to other types of vehicles, snowmobile thefts can prove particularly detrimental in areas of the country where it is difficult to get around during the winter without one.

The report reveals some stark information concerning snowmobile thefts. Between January 1st, 2018, and December 31st, 2019, 949 snowmobiles were stolen. The top five states for the number of snowmobile thefts, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Alaska, and New York, had a combined total of 474 thefts, making up 50% of the total number of stolen snowmobiles.

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