If you run a fleet operation, you have vehicles you need to monitor. Managing your fleet can be time-consuming and challenging. But, it doesn’t have to be!  Fortunately, with the help of GPS fleet tracking, you can make the process easier. Here are 10 benefits of using GPS tracking for fleet dispatchers.

  1. Real-Time Location Tracking:  GPS fleet tracking provides you with real-time visibility into your vehicles’ location so you can easily locate your vehicles anywhere they are at any time.
  2. Decreased Wear and Tear on Vehicles: Having to maintain a fleet can become costly. But, with GPS tracking installed, you can significantly reduce the costs because you can keep your vehicles properly maintained and identify potential problems before they become costly.

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As far as growth markets go, the RV sales market is smoking hot as the pandemic rages on. As many industries suffered as the virus made its unwelcome moves throughout our country, the RV industry blossomed. People want to travel. But, they want to do it safely. That means they are wary of flying, and not all that interested in hotels, AirBNB rentals, or condos. As a result, RV sales are on the rise.

Just look at these statistics:

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Many organizations are seeking new ways to reduce costs and carbon emissions at the same time. One great opportunity to do both is to combine the power of GPS tracking and battery electric vehicles (BEV) for your organization, or even yourself. Here’s what you need to know.

What are Battery Electric Vehicles?

BEVs are a type of electric vehicle that are fully-electric cars equipped with rechargeable batteries that use no gasoline. They produce zero emissions and must be charged at specific charging stations in order to operate. Most workplaces can easily install charging stations that provide capabilities to travel 75-80 miles after an eight-hour charge.

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We specialize in real time GPS tracking systems. GPS tracking, GPS monitoring and management for vehicles, assets, equipment, property and persons. Whether your needs are consumer or commercial based, personal or business related we have a cost effective GPS tracking solution for you. Locate in real-time and on demand vehicles, people and property from any web based computer. View these locations on our systems integrated maps. Our GPS devices are the real deal, they are tested and proven, they work.