Tracking is essential for every business where a commercial fleet is involved; however, how it is carried out can vary from business to business. While there are many different methods and tools to GPS fleet-tracking, real-time fleet tracking is incredibly useful, and makes driver monitoring much easier and effective.

Monitoring drivers in a fleet effectively gives managers the information they need to improve fleet driver behavior, and of course, in any business that relies on a commercial fleet, the success of your business can often lie with the individual behaviors of your fleet drivers. Implementing a driver monitor policy can both streamline your operations and protect your drivers from accidents and injuries.

Here are seven tips to create a fleet tracking driver monitor policy.

  1. Create and distribute a driver safety policy. In order to create an effective safe driving policy, you must set rules and let your drivers know the company’s standards and what you expect from them. Let your drivers know that you and your company are committed to keeping your drivers safe along with those who share the road with them. Some common driver safety procedures are:
  • What constitutes dangerous driving (DUI, texting while driving, wearing your seatbelt, speeding, etc.
  • Trip logs and driving history records
  • How to carry out routine vehicle care
  • Driver violations (fines, demerits, license suspension)
  • Consequences of getting in an accident

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GPS tracking has a host of benefits for any business owner who uses vehicles for their daily operations. At a minimum:

  • GPS tracking can help you optimize routes for faster delivery.
  • GPS tracking can help you to lower fuel costs.
  • GPS tracking can help you to track miles and hours driven so you can know when to schedule a checkup and maintenance on your vehicles.

But it offers much more than that.  More specifically, GPS tracking can help you on the busiest delivery days of the year: the holidays.

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Fuel is a huge cost factor for any delivery or transport business. When your business has a fleet of vehicles, that means several cars or trucks are burning fuel and eating up profits every day. Of course, expensive fuel costs for a delivery business are unavoidable, but besides rising oil prices, fuel theft could seriously be putting a dent in your profit margins.

Whether it’s professional criminals or dishonest or oblivious employees, fuel theft can do serious damage to any delivery business. Below, we will discuss some ways to help prevent and reduce fleet fuel theft.

Create and Enforce Employee Fuel Policies

One effective way to reduce your fuel theft is to make clear to all of your employees that taking any fuel home from work, using a company card to fill up a personal vehicle, and even using a company car for personal reasons are against company policy. It may turn out that some employees have been taking gallons of fuel home or just running a few personal errands because they figured it wasn’t explicitly prohibited, or just because they’re willfully ignorant.

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