Fuel is a huge cost factor for any delivery or transport business. When your business has a fleet of vehicles, that means several cars or trucks are burning fuel and eating up profits every day. Of course, expensive fuel costs for a delivery business are unavoidable, but besides rising oil prices, fuel theft could seriously be putting a dent in your profit margins.

Whether it’s professional criminals or dishonest or oblivious employees, fuel theft can do serious damage to any delivery business. Below, we will discuss some ways to help prevent and reduce fleet fuel theft.

Create and Enforce Employee Fuel Policies

One effective way to reduce your fuel theft is to make clear to all of your employees that taking any fuel home from work, using a company card to fill up a personal vehicle, and even using a company car for personal reasons are against company policy. It may turn out that some employees have been taking gallons of fuel home or just running a few personal errands because they figured it wasn’t explicitly prohibited, or just because they’re willfully ignorant.

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Business owners are often busy and don’t always have time to check up on each individual component or asset in their businesses. If you own a business with a fleet of vehicles, the last thing you want to worry about is one of your vehicles breaking down or needing maintenance on the road.

One easy effective way to prevent issues like this from happening to any members of your fleet is by practicing fleet preventative maintenance. Using this method, you can maintain vehicles in your fleet before they need to be taken off for repairs, meaning you can prevent future repairs while keeping your vehicles on the road.

Some maintenance tips to keep all your vehicles on the road and away from disrepair include:

 Scheduling regular maintenance on your vehicles – For example, flushing cooling systems every two years will save you money and time in the long run, leaving the cooling systems for any longer can cause corrosion and damage long-term. Brakes should also be checked about every two years, brake failures can result in serious liability and heavy costs to your business.

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There are several reasons you may want to purchase and install a GPS tracking device on a vehicle, whether it is for insurance reasons, security, peace of mind, simply being able to keep track of your fleet vehicles, or even for other personal reasons.

Before purchasing a GPS tracking device, it’s worth doing some research to see which one(s) best suit your needs. Where to install a GPS tracking device on a car depends on if you’re wanting overt or covert tracking and if your GPS tracking unit is battery-powered, hardwired, or plug-and-play. Also, deciding the location of the tracker is important because if you install the device in a spot where there are obstacles or interferences that block satellite signals, the accuracy of the vehicle tracking device will be reduced.

Types of GPS Tracking Devices

Covert GPS Trackers

Covert GPS tracking devices for cars are devices that the user can place on a vehicle that allows them to monitor the location of the vehicle without the driver’s knowledge. There are countless reasons that you might want to use a covert GPS tracking device: one big reason is for surveillance by private detectives, law enforcement, or even individuals like suspicious spouses.

Another reason people may choose to use a covert GPS tracking device is for fleet tracking. By tracking vehicles in their fleet, employers can be sure whether or not their employees are using their vehicles for only business-related ventures. Covert tracking can also be used to monitor delivery times and routes for your business.

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