GPS fleet tracking offers many benefits that are unique to sewer companies. Your employees have important jobs to help ensure safety, test water quality, and cleaning out sewer lines so families in your community can be safe from the health risks contaminated water represents.

It’s important that your employees arrive timely at the required locations, remain on task, and do the important jobs they’ve been entrusted to do in timely manners. GPS fleet tracking can help you with all these things and more.

Timely Appointment Windows

When someone has a sewer backup in their home, it is an emergency. They want the problem solved then and there. Your sewer company is the closest thing they have to heroes because you can help them salvage precious items that may have been damaged or contaminated as a result. The longer these items sit in contaminated water, the less likely it becomes that some items will be salvageable. The ability to provide accurate appointment windows for service calls and emergency calls provides your customers with peace of mind and helps reassure them that you’re taking their crisis seriously.

Accurate Driving Directions

When there is widespread flooding and sewer issues in abundance, it is important that you find the right home the first time. The last thing you want to do is waste valuable time and resources at the wrong home – even a few minutes to sort out the details and get back on track can be costly. GPS fleet tracking services update maps routinely so that you have the most up-to-date coordinates and highly accurate directions allowing you to make it to the right home the first time and avoid unnecessary delays.

Schedule Vehicle Maintenance

The last thing you want, when dealing with contaminated water and other unpleasant substances on your vehicles is to have unnecessary maintenance related accidents and breakdowns. You can use your GPS fleet tracking tools to schedule routine maintenance that will extend the life of your vehicles, keep them in tip-top operating condition, and prevent many potential accidents along the way. This helps keep your vehicles on the road when emergencies strike and keeps your customers happy with the incredibly valuable services you provide.

Your sewer company provides a necessary and valuable service to your community. You can improve your profits without raising your rates by using GPS fleet tracking to do all the things listed above while planning routes that are more fuel efficient, reducing auto insurance premiums, and keeping your drivers on their assigned routes and schedules. What’s not to love about that?

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In an effort to gain new insight into Moose behavior, wildlife officials in Steamboat Springs, Colorado have taken to accessorizing the local moose population. The hot fashion accessory they are equipping local moose with is a GPS tracking device attached to a collar around their necks.

The actual goal of this exercise is to help minimize incidents of moose vs. man on the ski slopes. Moose on popular ski trails has been a growing problem in Colorado and these new GPS equipped collars are hoping to reduce the incidents and find ways area wildlife management teams can steer moose clear of these populated trails and areas.

While they may be beautiful to look at, these creatures can be extremely dangerous when they feel threatened. There have been increasing reports of aggressive behavior from moose toward people in the area with several cases involving people being trampled by area moose while walking dogs. Dogs are easily mistaken as wolves who often prey on moose.

Currently, there are 10 moose wearing these GPS equipped collars, which will drop off the moose at a set time. Wildlife officials are hopeful to have the opportunity to tag at least 10 more for the purposes of the study.

This study isn’t about gauging the moose population in the area. Instead, it is focused on where the moose population goes and when they go to these locations.

The multi-year research project is largely being funded by revenue from hunting licenses.

The goal of the study is to find new ways to prevent possible altercations between locals, tourists, and the animals that all share the same playground. The snow is an attraction for everyone and the more we understand about when moose are venturing out into certain areas, the better prepared wildlife management teams are to re-direct them or run interference when needed.

GPS tracking on these moose collars offers a non-invasive way to keep track of the animals in the area without interfering with their normal daily routines. After all, the goal of this project is to better understand their routines and the possible motivations for their wanderings.

GPS tracking provides real time updates on their positions, so scientists can track their movements at all hours of the day and night for the duration of the study.

There is nothing easy about real-time dispatching of multiple drivers on the road. Dispatch personnel are not only responsible for prioritizing calls, but also for planning the most efficient and expedient routes to handle these calls as they come in.

Doing so for a single driver can prove difficult enough, the more drivers your fleet handle, the more difficult that task becomes. GPS fleet tracking, though, can manage your routing needs in a matter of seconds without breaking a sweat – leaving you free to focus on efforts to build your business stronger and more profitable instead. These are just a few benefits GPS fleet tracking provides.

Immediately Identifies Fastest Response Vehicle

In some situations, the closest vehicle isn’t always the best choice to respond to high-priority service (or other) calls. When speed is essential in answering the calls, GPS fleet tracking can quickly identify the vehicle that can arrive at the location fastest.

This includes calculating things like time to finish up at existing location, driving speed, traffic disruptions or delays, potential weather delays, and other factors that human dispatchers may not even consider.

Ensures that All Customers are Happy

The real beauty of GPS re-routing for real-time dispatch needs is that it can do so in a manner that disrupts the overall order of calls for the day as minimally as possible. In other words, GPS dispatch can make big picture adjustments and fine tuning that ensure you are able to meet the demands of your day (unless something catastrophic occurs that increases call volume extensively).

More importantly, GPS can automate the notification process, through text message or email alerts to let customers know when delays occur. This keeps them better informed and less likely to feel the irritation that goes along with not knowing what’s going on.

Provides Voice Navigation to Drivers

This ensures drivers aren’t getting lost while attempting to make their appointed rounds. What you may not realize, though, is that the maps for GPS fleet services are constantly updated.

This means that you have access to the latest information about new roads, new housing developments, detours, road construction, and more. Things you’d have to painstakingly route around when planning routes by hand are a simple matter for GPS fleet tracking software to tackle.

On top of all this, the software will even notify the driver of changes to his or her route for you. It can be a completely automated process if that’s what you choose. This automation is good for your bottom line by creating safer driving conditions, greater fuel efficiency, happier customers, and easy re-routing in real time – because that’s when life happens.

If you’re looking to improve your fleet’s real-time dispatch, contact us here at LiveViewGPS to learn how GPS fleet tracking can help.

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