Turtle nesting season is the U.S. is in full swing as turtles make their ways onto the nation’s beaches to lay their eggs. Depending on the area, it begins between March and May, and extends through October when the last of the baby sea turtles make their way to the ocean. Various threats endanger sea turtles nesting and nests, including humans, ocean water, other wildlife predators, and even poachers.

Sea turtle nests in Central America are in constant danger. In fact, poachers destroy around 90 percent of sea turtle nests. They then sell the eggs through illegal wildlife trade. In some countries, bars and restaurants serve the eggs as a delicacy item.

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The National Safety Council, an organization dedicated to the elimination of unnecessary deaths in workplaces, homes, communities, and on roadways throughout the country recommends parents allow their teens to get the limo for prom – and for graduation.

What Prompted this Encouragement?

A statement from the National Safety Council president and CEO, Deborah A. P. Hersman says it all, “Teens should attend their graduations and proms – not funerals.”

While renting a limousine for proms and graduations may seem cost prohibitive, the costs of not doing so may be higher still, especially in light of 2016 statistics revealing that 2,820 teens between the ages of 13 and 19 were killed in car accidents making vehicle crashes the leading cause of teen deaths in the United States.

Benefits of Hiring Limos for Graduation and Prom Festivities

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Accident litigation is big business for hungry attorneys interested in making a fast dollar at the expense of honest, hardworking businesses like yours. GPS fleet tracking can be your first line of defense against over-eager attorneys looking to play on sympathetic juries and cash out big paydays for their clients from which they can take home half or better. These are just a few ways GPS fleet tracking can help you mount a vigorous defense in truck accident litigation.

Verify the Number of Hours Driver Had Behind the Wheel

It’s difficult to argue with GPS when it comes to logging the number of miles driven by a driver and the hours it took to drive those miles. Because GPS fleet tracking offers real-time tracking, it keeps a record of the time, location, speeds, and distances traveled in a day.

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