How Fit Are the Chickens You Eat?

19 Mar 2019

In the eternal quest for fitness and health, there are all kinds of things you can do to track your personal fitness. From the latest technologically enhanced fitness bands to low-tech pedometers, and all points in between you, too, can track each and every step on your fitness journey.

Now, you can track the steps your chicken takes as well.

At least that is the case with one Chinese company that is GPS tracking their chickens to provide outstanding transparency and let you know that you’re getting chicken that is healthy and organic. This is made possible thanks to GoGo Chicken, which is a new GPS tracker for chicken.  The GPS tracking device is attached to the chicken’s leg and sends a constant stream of data related to the location of the chicken, what the chicken eats, and even how much exercise the chicken gets.

The goal of the GPS device and tracking services is not only to provide transparency about the life of the chicken, but also to reduce various food safety concerns people have when choosing Chinese chicken.

How common is GPS tracking for chicken? According to NPR, the devices are already in use on more than 100,000 chickens (as of February 2019) and is expected to expand to more than 2,500 farms throughout China by 2020.

Rumor has it they actually have a facial recognition system in the works that will allow you to see the precise history of the chicken on your plate, should you want to know a little more about its life before becoming dinner for your friends or family.

Once serving as sitcom fodder, the idea of knowing a little more about your food’s health and happiness before arriving on your place has obviously resonated with some people. Enough so that a company sought to develop the GPS tracker for chicken.

While there will obviously be a few jokes cracked along the way about the necessity of fitness tracking for chicken, there is obviously a benefit to consider when it comes to knowing where your food comes from. It makes identifying food necessary for recalls even better and can be instrumental in rooting out illnesses among chickens. Especially those that can be passed to humans.

Whether your interests lie in ascertaining important nutritional information about your food and its organic property or you’re simply interested in seeing where your food came from, it is now possible to do so, when chicken is your main course.

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