Safety is one of the primary concerns today’s fleet managers must deal with. Not only about the drivers who work for them and the vehicles they’re responsible for, but all the other drivers on the road and the reputation of the entire organization.

Issues that are particularly challenging for fleet managers in light of the 20 percent rise in fleet accidents, include the following:

  • Compliance
  • Driver accountability
  • Scheduling
  • Enforcement of company policies and state and federal requirements.
  • Costs
  • Safety
  • Customer satisfaction

It’s a delicate balance you must learn to walk and may feel more treacherous than a high-rise act with no net on some days.

Why Is It So Important to Avoid Accidents in Fleet Vehicles?

According to Automotive Fleet, fleet accidents account for the most expensive injury claims the average business faces with average costs approaching $70,000. Nearly twice the average cost of all other workplace injuries. With so many organizations choosing to self-insure their fleets, these are costs directly to the business.

While fleet managers have no control over other cars hitting their vehicles, there are things they can do to train drivers to be more defensively minded and keep their focus on the road. Doing this will be instrumental in avoiding preventable accidents, even when other drivers are the potential cause of these accidents.

How Can GPS Fleet Tracking Help?

GPS fleet tracking offers many benefits you may have never even considered before. Most people are aware of the benefits GPS tracking offers for conserving fuel and planning more efficient routes for your drivers to take.

What you may not know, though, is that GPS fleet tracking can also help you more effectively manage and monitor your drivers even when they’re on the road. These are just a few ways GPS tracking can help with that:

  • Notify you whenever drivers deviate from prescribed routes.
  • Record and notify you when drivers drive in excess of the speed limit (you can even identify specific speeds at which you wish to be notified)
  • Track location of drivers in real time so you can send emergency responses immediately if they are in accidents.
  • Send alerts when drivers display aggressive driving behaviors, such as; swerving, hard braking, and weaving in and out of traffic.

GPS fleet tracking also records the number of hours drivers spend behind the wheel when they are on the road so you can be certain they are maintaining compliance when it comes to maximum hours behind the wheel.

Just imagine the many ways GPS tracking can help you reduce the number of fleet accidents in your organization at a time when they are on the rise for so many others.

To learn more about how GPS fleet tracking can help your commercial fleet, give us a call here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494.

Horse trailers carry precious cargo. Whether you’re transporting a beloved family pet or a valuable commodity for sale, show, or racing, it’s vital that you protect your horse, your trailer, and your investment in as many ways as possible.

One way you can offer protection for your horse trailer is with GPS tracking for horse trailers. Not only can it help prevent the theft of your trailer while you’re on the road, but also protect the beautiful creatures it holds inside.

Think of all the things you store in your horse trailer, along with your horse while traveling:

  • Reins
  • Bridles
  • Saddles
  • Blankets
  • Buckets
  • Brushes
  • Bits

These items are certainly not priceless, and a good saddle will set you back a bit. These all take money to replace, should your horse trailer be stolen, and the costs can add up when you need to replace them all at once.

More importantly, the beautiful animal inside your horse trailer is simply irreplaceable.

How does GPS Tracking for Horse Trailers Help?

While GPS tracking doesn’t exactly prevent someone from absconding with your horse and trailer, the knowledge that you’re using GPS tracking may make your trailer a less attractive target to thieves of opportunity.

Additionally, GPS tracking offers the benefit of delivering live tracking, so you can follow your trailer, in real time once it’s been stolen. More importantly, law enforcement can follow your trailer to facilitate its swift recovery and, hopefully, avoid any injury to your horse.

That’s not all. Even if you’re not on the road with your horse, the trailer alone is a sizeable investment. You can set up your GPS tracking system with a GEO fence that notifies you by text message, email, or phone call when your trailer moves outside of designated geographic locations or predefined “sleep” hours.

This means you’ll discover the theft quickly, so you can deliver prompt action rather than discovering the theft several hours, or even days, after the fact.

Other Ways to Safeguard a Horse Trailer from Theft

GPS tracking for horse trailers is one tool in the arsenal available to you so you can protect your horse trailer from theft. Other things you can do to protect your investment include:

  • Invest in adequate defensive items, such as hitch locks, wheel locks, and trailer alarms.
  • Paint your trailers in bright colors and make distinctive markings on them so that they are easily recognizable as your horse trailers.
  • Buy appropriate insurance coverage. While insurance won’t replace everything you lose when someone steals your trailer, after all, some things are impossible to replace, it will help soften the financial blow.

Reduce your risks of the theft of your horse trailer and protect your investment with these steps and take your horse and trailer on the trail, on the road, and on the go with confidence.

Authorities are becoming increasingly concerned about the whereabouts of one missing fisherman in Prince Gallitzin State Park. According to officials, the man has been reported missing since June 22.

That evening, a park ranger stumbled upon the 67-year-old man’s boat. The park ranger noticed the motorboat was running, but he couldn’t see anyone operating it. He decided to investigate. The ranger determined the boat was in neutral and the owner had vanished.

Police spoke with the boat owner’s family who told police that the victim didn’t know how to swim. They told police that he rarely wore a lifejacket, and authorities confirmed the boat had all life jackets onboard. Divers have now been enlisted to assist in a widespread search of the 1,635-acre lake.

To narrow down the last known positions of the man, police have utilized an onboard GPS navigational system. GPS tracking for boats is often used in devices like fish finders, so authorities were able to narrow down the exact route the missing man was taking before he went missing.

Unfortunately, investigators determined the man had traveled an extensive and vast area on the lake. They have focused their search around specific areas, but they have not yet found any sign of the missing fisherman.

The Christian Aid Ministry is assisting in the search and rescue effort. They have contributed a sonar device to help authorities scan the water in search for the victim. The Pennsylvania State Police have also assisted by searching the entire lake by helicopter. Other agencies assisting with the search include the Red Cross of Clearfield, K-9 search units, several firefighting units, water rescue services, the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Prince Gallitzin State Park Staff.

Experts concluded that the conditions of the lake and the weight of the victim may be contributing to the difficulty in locating the fisherman if he drowned in the lake. They determined it would take approximately seven to ten days before his body would resurface, so it’s highly likely that divers will continue searching the water for the next several days.

Teams are also scanning the shoreline for any evidence that the fisherman may have wandered off on land.

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