Around ten years ago, beekeepers around the globe alerted scientists to an alarming trend. Bee colonies were mysteriously disappearing at an unprecedented and disturbing rate. The colony collapse crisis continues to be a global concern because these animals participate in the crucial pollination process for over one-third of the plants humans consume. Some experts have valued the bee’s pollination process as high as $168 billion a year.

With natural bee colonies still in decline a decade later, scientists have resorted to creating a new fleet of RoboBees that could be trained to deposit pollen. These RoboBees are basically remote-controlled robot drones with electric wings. They are about half the size of a paper clip, but their potential workload could be huge.

Scientists at Harvard University and Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology want to equip RoboBees with GPS trackers that will allow them to be programmed to visit specific plants.

According to researchers at Harvard, these autonomously flying microrobots have the potential to additionally monitor the climate, conduct surveillance and be utilized in search and rescue missions. Harvard Magazine explains that the robot bee project’s “vision is to deploy hundreds or thousands of these tiny robots…that will complete a task as a collective entity.”

The GPS tracking will allow scientists to pre-program and automate the pollination delivery process, but some are warning that this unique feature could make the robot bees more vulnerable to hackers.

One professor from the University of Minnesota, Professor Shashi Shekhar, warns that these robotic bees could easily be hacked and transformed into killers. One Netflix series Black Mirror, which depicts a fleet of hacked killer robot bees, is not too far from a potential real-world scenario. Professor Shekhar explains how criminals could be used for a damaging purpose by adding on a stinger filled with chemicals.

While speaking at an annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the professor expressed his belief that RoboBees will likely be deployed in the next few years.

When it comes to GPS tracking for rental boats, the benefits to boat owners and renters alike are numerous. In fact, you may wish you had thought to add GPS tracking to your rental boats long before now once you fully understand the many benefits it has to offer.

GPS Tracking Benefits for Rental Boat Owners

GPS tracking for your rental boats greatly reduces the likelihood of theft. When it does occur, it helps to ensure the swift recovery of your boat thanks to the following features:

  • Real-time live tracking of the vessel.
  • Geofencing to notify you immediately when boats move past certain predefined coordinates.
  • Email and/or text notifications if boat operates during designated sleep hours.

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You probably know by now that investing in GPS fleet tracking for your restaurant linen supply business can save you money when it comes to fuel costs related to deliveries. It does this by assisting you in planning more fuel efficient, cost-effective delivery routes and eliminating unnecessary side trips and schedule interruptions throughout the day.

What you may not realize is that there are many, many more ways GPS can help you keep your restaurant linen supply customers happy and your profits growing. These are just a few ways your restaurant linen supply business can benefit from GPS tracking.

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