GPS vehicle tracking is a highly useful tool in many rights. Unfortunately, many car dealerships fail to recognize the substantial benefit it offers in discouraging late payments from their customers. When customers know that you can track the precise location of their vehicles and recover them at the first or second missed payment, they are highly motivated to make their payments on time.

The key, of course, is to be up front with customers when they purchase their vehicles about this policy so that it will serve as the deterrent you have in mind to make it work. While you do not need to threaten repossession or recovery at the first missed payment, the fact remains that GPS makes it easier to repossess vehicles once customers default on their loans.

Why does this matter?

First of all, prevention is the best cure. If customers never miss a single payment, the risks of defaulting on their vehicles is greatly reduced. The threat of a repossession after only one day offers substantial motivations to customers to make their payments in full each and every time.

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is capturing and tagging manatees to answer certain research questions regarding the importance to management and conservation of this endangered species.  The FWC has the permission and authority to capture and tag the manatees through a federal U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permit.

Generally, researchers capture manatees to provide them with a health assessment on site before they tag them and release them for a research project. Through GPS tracking technology, researchers can assess the health of each before they’re included into the research study as well as to ensure the tagging gear fits properly. Since the 1990s, the standard capture methods have been nets deployed from a particular manatee rescue/capture vessel. Researchers can capture manatees either alongshore or in open water.

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On December 23, 2018, the first GPS III satellite, aboard a Falcon 9, launched into space from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Once launched the satellite will undergo 18 months of testing to make sure it is ready to be the first of many satellites to be integrated to the existing GPS system orbiting the planet.

The launch itself was a spectacular event ushering in a new generation of GPS technology designed to offer greater security from jamming and interference along with improvements in accuracy and signal strength.

Current estimates are that the civilian use of GPS III satellites will provide three times greater accuracy with the new satellite system. That means that civilian GPS accuracy that has traditionally been good between 10 and 33 feet will now provide accuracy between three and 10 feet instead. The accuracy for military applications will be even more precise.

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