Best 2019 Model Cars for Teen Drivers

14 Nov 2019

In the United States, the top cause of death for teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 years old is motor vehicle crashes. However, with the advanced technology today, parents now have peace of mind knowing there are safety features that can help avoid the most common dangers for teenagers behind the wheel, including:

  • Distracted driving
  • Not wearing seat belts
  • Speeding

Teen drivers have a higher risk of crashes because they’re eager to gain their independence, but they’re still learning how to safely operate a vehicle and navigate the rules of the road. Parents must educate themselves on which vehicles are the best for their teenage drivers based on the available safety features, affordability, crash-test ratings and more before their teen loved ones get behind the wheel.

While your teen driver may insist on shopping around for a sports car, here are some of the best 2019 model cars for teen drivers to take a look at instead.

  1. 2019 Hyundai Kona SEL

The 2019 Kona SEL meets the standards of being on the must-have list. It’s priced around $22,895 and you can add Hyundai’s Blue Link Connected Car service as an optional feature to give you extra peace of mind. This has enhanced roadside assistance and automated collision notification. You simply press a button and the Kona’s information and location will be automatically be transmitted to the response center.

  1. 2019 Mazda3 Select Package With Front-Wheel Drive

The Mazda3 Select Package costs $23,520 and has front-wheel drive. It received the IIHS’s status of being the Top Safety Pick. It’s equipped with high beam control that switches to headlights automatically between low and high beams.

  1. 2019 Kia Forte EX

This is a compact sedan, redesigned for 2019, that appeals to both parents and teens. You’ll have to obtain the Forte EX with the Launch Edition Package (optional) which will bring the cost to $26,125. It monitors your teen for signs of drowsiness and distraction though it’s driver attention warning feature and provides audible and visual alerts if detected.

  1. 2019 Chevrolet Spark

If your teen is eager to buy a newer model, but you’re looking to save some money, the Spark may be an ideal choice. It has a totally restyled front-end look as well as headlamps, fascia and an updated grille. It’s powered by a 1.4-liter engine, making the price low. Your teen can choose from various fun colors which include Caribbean Blue Metallic.

You should definitely have some fun shopping for a vehicle with your teen. It’s a fun and exciting time for them. But, you’ll want to help them make a wise vehicle decision since you’ll want to ensure their safety while they’re behind the wheel as much as their excitement. And, a GPS tracker for teens can help with that too.

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