According to Heritage Land Bank, farmers are disproportionately affected by crime. Unfortunately, the crimes most commonly carried out against American farmers can have financially devastating consequences — especially when they come in the form of farm equipment theft. There are steps you can take, though, that will help protect your equipment and your investment in it, including those listed below.

Use GPS Tracking for Agriculture

GPS tracking can not only notify you, instantly, if your farm equipment is removed from your property (or even started up after hours), it can also provide life tracking information so law enforcement can track the location of your farm equipment to aid in its swift recovery. While farm equipment theft is critical at any time of year, it is especially critical during busy planting and/or harvesting seasons where even the loss of one day of usage can be devastating. The faster you can recover your equipment the better it is for your farm. GPS tracking is the best way to ensure prompt recovery.

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Two Best Satellite Solar Powered Asset Trackers to Consider

Remote tracking and asset management can be vital for businesses operating at distances or even those operating locally. Solar powered asset tracking allows you to track your assets for years on a single battery that’s recharged by the sun.

When you’re making an investment in your business, like solar powered remote asset tracking, only the best will do. If you’ve decided that solar powered asset trackers are the way to go for your organization, then you want one of these two trackers.

Iridium Satellite Solar Powered Asset Tracker

The Iridium satellite solar powered asset trackers offer many attractive features you are sure to love. These are some of the features your organization may find useful:

  • Quick and easy installation without requiring harnesses, antennas, or external power sources.
  • Diagnostic messaging.
  • Speed and heading information included in motion reporting messages.
  • The option of interval reporting or 24/7 reporting.
  • Up to ten years of battery life.
  • Bluetooth interface allowing for firmware updates and configurations.
  • Intrinsically safe.
  • Low battery messaging.
  • Geo-fencing capabilities with configurable range settings.
  • Reporting available whether assets are stationary or in motion.
  • Ability to alternate reporting schedules.

For some organizations, this is the only tool you’re going to need to monitor your assets, protect your assets, and aid in the recovery of stolen or lost assets.

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A team of volunteers, international scientists and center staff have attached GPS tracking devices to the backs of small birds known as kuriri, or Pacific golden plovers,with the hopes of obtaining answers to questions about why these little creatures coming to New Zealand are declining.

The Miranda shores, in the Firth of Thames, are the kuriri’s part-time home. Several decades ago, each year they’d arrive in thousands, escaping the winter of the Northern Hemisphere. Now there is fewer than 200 that visit.

It’s a mystery why the numbers of these birds visiting New Zealand have declined so much. Most of the birds’ life is also a mystery.

Every year, the small birds voyage in locations close to the Arctic Ocean for nesting. Whether this is Alaska or Sibera is not known. It’s also not known which route the birds take and where they may stop during their journey. There’s theory there may be a degraded habitat they could be using as a stop-off point.

Identifying the answers could be a great first step in learning more about the birds’ decline.

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