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22 May 2019

Large and small fleets alike are sure to reap many rewards by incorporating GPS fleet tracking via the LiveViewGPS Fleet Trac platform. This tracking service is ideal for busy fleets and a little more economical than the premium Live Trac platform.

What it is?

Fleet Trac is one of three LiveViewGPS matrix platforms. This particular platform is primarily used for business solutions to provide real time GPS tracking with one and two minute updates. It offers greater utility than the Flash Trac platform without the premium features available with the Live Trac platform.

LiveViewGPS Fleet Trac Benefits

There are many benefits to consider for businesses seeking to reduce costs, extend the service of vehicle and equipment, and to enjoy greater flexibility in route planning, and reporting. Some of the benefits to consider with the Fleet Trac platform include:

  • Realtime GPS tracking (with one and two-minute updates).
  • Engine diagnostics.
  • Extensive reporting options (reduce paperwork and paper management costs).
  • Hours of service.
  • Easy viewing and management via mobile device and desktop computers.

Depending on which device you choose, there are other features and benefits to consider as well.

GPS fleet tracking is hugely beneficial for fleets of all sizes as it can help you improve customer experiences, reduce fuel and labor costs, operate more efficiently, and serve your industry better.

Who is the LiveViewGPS Fleet Trac Platform For?

The LiveViewGPS Fleet Trac Platform is ideal for fleets. Whether you operate a fleet of corporate vehicles, delivery vehicles, taxi cabs, or large transport vehicles, the ability to pinpoint the location of your vehicles and drivers can be instrumental in maintaining safety, securing your cargo, and avoiding unnecessary losses of either. However, when accidents do occur, it can be critical to save time by providing precise coordinates for emergency response teams. Any business that operates a fleet, large or small, can benefit from the Fleet Trac platform.

Devices that Work with the LiveViewGPS Fleet Trac Platform

We offer two devices that are wholly compatible with the LiveViewGPS Fleet Trac platform:

  1. Fleet Trac OBD. Easy to install, plug and play, device that includes internal battery backup and transmits data to servers via the Verizon data network.
  2. Fleet Trac HW. Hard-wired device that provides real-time GPS location tracking, various alerts and reports, and easy remote monitoring.

Whether you operate a large fleet or one you hope will someday become a large fleet, the LiveViewGPS Fleet Track platform can help you control costs and prepare you to accomplish your short and long-term goals for efficiency and profit.

Contact us at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more about the LiveView GPS Fleet Trac Platform.




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