Kids with Autism and Drowning

19 Jun 2019

Preventable injuries sadly often result in death among both adults and children with autism. And, according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, those with autism are three times more likely to die because of injuries when compared with the general population.

Autism is a type of developmental disorder marked by challenges with communication and social skills and repetitive behaviors.

For kids with this developmental disability, there are more striking numbers — they’re 40 times more likely to sustain an injury that leads to death than the general child population. And, drowning is the leading fatal injury among autistic kids.

The risk of drowning increases around the ages of five through seven. As 50 percent of children with autism tend to wander, swimming lessons and water safety are a must.

Parents should keep in mind that injuries are often part of the challenges of autistic children, but they can be preventable. Kids often feel anxiety and wander, particularly toward water because the water is one way they look for relief.

Children’s’ affinity to water usually stems from their desire or need for isolation. So, they flee to unfamiliar areas and often this could mean a backyard with an ungated pool or pond

Swimming Lessons

You can reduce your child’s risk of accidental drowning by giving them swimming lessons. Swimming lessons not only help reduce this risk, but also:

  • Reduce their anxiety
  • Strengthen their bodies
  • Improve their learning in other areas

GPS Tracking

Another important tool you can have under your belt for the safety of your autistic child is a GPS tracker. GPS trackers for children allow parents to easily and quickly find a lost or wandering child.

The device will monitor and track your child wherever they go. Think of them as a type of virtual fence or a safe zone for your child. GPS tracking devices are small and lightweight, making them convenient for your child to carry one.

You’ll be alerted instantly the moment your child leaves your assigned safe zone.

With around 100,000 kids receiving a new diagnosis of autism each year in the United States, swimming lessons and GPS tracking have never been more critical than it is today.

To learn more about GPS tracking for children, give us a call at 1-888-544-0494 here at LiveViewGPS.

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