What’s The Best Internet Browser To Use With Our GPS Tracking Systems?

11 Apr 2011

While a majority of web surfers continue to use Internet Explorer (IE) to browse and surf the web,  we want to let you know about other alternate browsers which can be safer and even faster to use for your web surfing activities, and more importantly for using our GPS tracking systems.

IE is the most widely used browser, but it isn’t necessarily the best.  If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer, you should at the least – upgrade to the latest version IE9, but you’ll need to have Windows 7 in order to do that.

When using our GPS Tracking systems and Internet Explorer, you should turn on compatibility mode settings. Microsoft has an article on the why and how to turn on compatibility view settings – how to turn on compatibility view settings, Turn On IE Compatibility Mode Settings.

Mozilla Firefox is a very popular browser.  It’s pretty fast, and not as susceptible to malware, viruses, etc. as compared to IE.  In fact, many computer professionals will recommend companies have their employees use Mozilla Firefox exclusively, in such instances, they report little or no malware/virus issues vs. those companies running IE.

Google Chrome.  This is the fastest browser around.  Download it and see for yourself.  I really like the speed of Google Chrome, and if you have a slow Internet connection, this will help vs. using IE.

Safari.  This is the standard browser you’ll find on most Mac computers.  The browser is solid, when used in conjunction with a Mac computer.  However, I have noticed it is not as fast, as Firefox or Chrome when used on a PC.

That’s our Browser Breakdown opinion.

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