Improve Delivery Times with GPS Fleet Tracking

15 Apr 2020

Deliveries and delivery times are more important than ever. Vital goods are moving across the country, across cities, and to individual homes and families. Whether you are a large freight mover, a local pharmacy, or even grocery delivery service; you’re responsible for getting important items to consumers in short order.

GPS fleet tracking can help you deliver more goods in less time keeping American homes, business, medical centers, and more going in their most critical hours. These are just a few ways GPS fleet tracking can help.

Plan More Efficient Routes

It isn’t always the most efficient use of time and resources to fill orders and deliver supplies in the order in which you receive the invoices. In fact, you may be able to deliver much more quickly by planning routes according to location rather than factoring in time. It helps the right sources get the supplies they require, allows you to provide accurate delivery estimates, and it helps you conserve resources so you can complete more deliveries in a day.

Keeps Customers Apprised of the Situation

One of the greatest things about GPS fleet tracking is that it allows you to share tracking information with customers so they know exactly where their packages are and how close they are to receiving their deliveries. It spares you endless phone calls asking when the packages will arrive and makes your customers happier with their abilities to track their packages. Everyone wins.

Keeps Drivers Accountable

While no one likes to think delivery drivers would be asleep behind the wheel at times like these, GPS fleet tracking keeps you aware of where your drivers are at all times. This means they are less likely to deviate from routes (without good reasons, such as road closures, construction, etc.) and that they are going to stay on task and on target until all their vital deliveries are made.

Provides Confirmation that Deliveries are Made

With GPS fleet tracking you have the means to confirm every stop of your drivers’ days. This means that if packages go missing, you have confirmation that the deliveries were made, where the deliveries were made, and what time the deliveries occurred. This offers not only confirmation for the deliveries, but also a reference point for investigations into missing packages.

Whether you’re looking to improve delivery timelines or you simply want to improve your relationships with your customers while making key deliveries in the days, weeks, and months ahead, GPS fleet tracking can be instrumental in your efforts. Learn more about your GPS fleet tracking solutions by calling us at 1-888-544-0494.

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