How GPS Fleet Tracking Helps to Reduce Cost & Save Company Money

18 Mar 2010


Are you planning to save company money by reducing operating cost of fleets? Then why don’t you look for GPS Fleet Tracking systems. If you know that once the vehicle is on the road it demands more money. Thus, take a step on war footing and involve GPS fleet tracking systems by engaging little amount of investment.

Now let’s discuss how it helps reduce company’s cost:

Improvement in navigation: With the help of Google map within this fleet tracking system, drivers can get the idea of the route where exactly they’re in and whether it’s inside the city or somewhere outside. Moreover, it gives the live traffic jam update. When weather is not favorable you can easily see the terrain view to figure out what is ahead on the road. Fleet managers can always know the location of the vehicle with the navigation functionality. Thus, it becomes easier to figure out the closest vehicle during emergency situation and re-routing any vehicle becomes much convenient. Thus, it is easily knowable that this system is highly fuel-efficient.

Monitor driver’s activity: This improved technology enables you to gauge the activity of the drivers and their driving habit. This system has the capability to give you exact data about how drivers are breaking traffic rules. Thus, you can easily gauge if any driver is habitual speeder or someone is braking hard consistently. Any driver can get the alert of speed limit exceeding 5 mph. This system also alerts fleet manager while they are exceeding speed limit of 10 mph. You can also know how drivers are performing and whether they are taking nap by keeping the engine on for a long period of time.

Accident analysis: It helps to analyze accident by giving the exact data and how it has taken place. It helps police and insurance company to take further action about the accident with more clarity and ease.

Theft reporting: GPS Fleet tracking system helps to track the vehicle’s location after it is stolen. Thus, it helps police to find the vehicle and thief both.

Vehicle maintenance: On-board computer of the vehicle gives the exact timing of when the vehicle should go for servicing. This maintenance tool gives the exact data of routine servicing time, system problems or evolving engine, excessive carbon emissions, and low tire pressure

This way GPS Fleet Tracking system helps in:

  • Fuel cost reduction
  • Operating cost reduction
  • Maintenance expense reduction
  • Insurance cost saving by 5 to 35% per vehicle
  • Risk of accident decrement
  • Safe driving habit instillation in drivers
  • Paperwork cutback for fleet managers, drivers and payroll
  • Risk of side trips and unauthorized breaks reduction
  • Overtime cutback in vehicle use
  • Customer satisfaction and service enhancement

With all those advantages companies can restore the installation cost of this systems and maintenance cost of the first year within the 3 to 6 months. Few companies even have recouped the entire annual cost within the span of one month.

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