How to Green Your Fleet

22 Apr 2020

As more consumers begin to shift their focus and buying power toward companies and businesses that share their preferences for greener and more sustainable lifestyles, fleets are left trying to figure out how to make their businesses operate a little bit greener.

While many fleet owners believe it’s impossible to make their businesses greener and still turn a profit, there are actually a few key methods for greening your fleet you can do at the same time. Here are a few prime examples.

End the Idling

Idling costs fleets big. It costs the planet even bigger. According to Minute Man Trucks, eliminating as little as one hour of idling per week can spare the planet from 500 pounds of CO2 per year, for each truck doing this. Imagine what it would mean for larger fleets or when curbing greater amounts of time spent idling. Even better? You can put a nice dent in your fuel expenses for the year when going green this way. Plus, you eliminate the wear and tear on vehicles that occurs while idling. It’s a win for your fleet and the planet!

Preventative Maintenance

You’ve probably heard by now that staying on top of preventative maintenance can help to lower your fuel costs and extend the life of vehicles in your fleet. What you may not know, is that keeping your fleet vehicles in tip-top running condition can also reduce their emissions, creating a much smaller carbon footprint. That is good news for you and the planet.

Optimized Routing

Fewer miles driven equals fewer emissions for most fleets. Planning routes that are optimized for fuel conservation can help to reduce carbon emissions while, at the same time, conserving fuel and cutting costs.

Incentivize Drivers

Set pro-planet driver policies, like maintaining certain speed, reducing idling, staying on prescribed routes, etc. and offer financial incentives for drivers who adhere to these standards.

Invest in GPS Fleet Tracking for all Fleet Vehicles

Of course, GPS fleet tracking makes every single one of these actions to have a greener fleet possible. Install GPS fleet tracking in all your vehicles to automate the scheduling process and create alerts and reports about the following:

  • Idling alerts
  • Speeding alerts
  • Hard braking alerts
  • Fast acceleration alerts
  • Route deviation alerts

Then you always know, without a doubt, which drivers are following your policies and have earned the incentives you’re offering.

Creating a greener fleet doesn’t require massive hoops, twists, and turns. GPS fleet tracking allows you to easily measure your progress from year to year as you seek to improve the planet-friendliness of your fleet.

Here at LiveViewGPS, we offer a vast array of GPS fleet tracking solutions. Call us today at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more.

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