GPS Tracking for Warehouse Goods

12 Sep 2017

Keeping up with goods in a warehouse can be challenging in the best of circumstances. In today’s busy warehouses, though, chaos can sometimes reign resulting in lost, misplaced, or misdirected pallets and the merchandise they carry.

GPS tracking for warehouse goods can spare you from countless man hours wasted searching for missing items, improve your relationship with your customers, and help reduce the number of items that are stolen from your warehouse routinely. These are a few key examples of the benefits GPS tracking for your warehouse can deliver.

Create a Geofence for Merchandise

Stolen merchandise is a big problem for warehouses. By creating a geofence and placing GPS tracking devices on high value items or warehouse pallets, you will receive instant notifications whenever these items or pallets are moved outside of the specified area. This allows you to notify law enforcement of the exact GPS location of your merchandise, when it left the designated area, and other key details that will aid in the recovery of your merchandise and the prosecution of those who took it.

Track in Real Time

The other benefit of GPS tracking for warehouse goods is that you can track them in real time. This means you can easily pinpoint their location whenever the pallets or specific items are needed. More importantly, you can set up alarms that will notify you if they move beyond the geofenced area, are moved outside of operating hours, or if they move at certain speeds (indicating they’ve been removed from the warehouse and are being transported elsewhere).

Determine Precise Location of Items Inside Your Warehouse

Time is critical when you are paying laborers by the hour. Countless hours can be wasted, routinely, in search of misdirected pallets, lost items, and more. GPS tracking allows you to pinpoint the precise location, within your warehouse, of the pallet or product in question as long as the GPS tracking device is actively sending out a signal. This can result in fewer overtime hours and more productivity in the day for all your workers. Ultimately it means lower labor costs for your business and that is always exciting to warehouse managers and business owners.

While there are many benefits to consider for investing in GPS tracking for your warehouse, the biggest benefits are the ones to your bottom line. Your customers will be happier with timely delivery of goods, you’ll be happy with fewer wasted man hours, and your profits will soar.



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