GPS Tracking for Shared Mobility Fleets

12 May 2021

Shared mobility fleets is a term that means different things to various organizations. It can refer to ride-sharing, carsharing, bike-sharing, and more. The gist of it is that you offer on-demand or as-needed mobility to people who subscribe to your service. If you own a shared mobility fleet, you need GPS tracking. These are just a few of the reasons why GPS tracking is so important for shared mobility fleets.

Track Location of Vehicles When Assistance is Required

Because your vehicles operate in the public space and, largely, out of sight, it is sometimes necessary to be able to locate vehicles where drivers may be stranded and in need of assistance.

Assist with Recovery of Lost or Stolen Assets

Whether your fleet consists of cars, bikes, segways, or other “vehicles,” not everyone returns them to the locations where they are supposed to go. GPS asset tracking allows you to track the exact locations of these bikes or vehicles so you can return them to their proper locations. This is especially important for electric vehicles that require charging.

Automate the Process of Scheduling Maintenance

Because you don’t always have eyes on your shared mobility fleet, you may not see the mileage or other indicators of required maintenance. Your GPS fleet tracking system can notify you directly when scheduled maintenance is required. This will help keep your vehicles in better operating condition, so you can use them longer.

Provide Data about Peak and Off-Peak Hours at Various Locations

This can help you distribute cars in your fleet more effectively to accommodate the needs of customers at different times of the day. It’s an opportunity for you to maximize profits by having vehicles available at locations where they will receive the most traffic according to use history.

Receive Instant Updates About Specific Vehicle Information

This can include a variety of things, such as the speed at which vehicles are traveling, collision alerts, vehicle returns, when vehicles leave a prescribed geographic boundary, and more. You can even use GPS tracking locators to help recover stolen or missing vehicles from your fleet.

LiveView GPS understands how important it is to have eyes on your shared mobility fleet even when they are out of sight. We offer you the technology to make that possible. This allows you to operate your business with peace of mind and can help you keep your insurance costs down. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and how they can help you manage your shared mobility fleet more efficiently.

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