GPS Tracking for Rental Boats

5 Jun 2018

When it comes to GPS tracking for rental boats, the benefits to boat owners and renters alike are numerous. In fact, you may wish you had thought to add GPS tracking to your rental boats long before now once you fully understand the many benefits it has to offer.

GPS Tracking Benefits for Rental Boat Owners

GPS tracking for your rental boats greatly reduces the likelihood of theft. When it does occur, it helps to ensure the swift recovery of your boat thanks to the following features:

  • Real-time live tracking of the vessel.
  • Geofencing to notify you immediately when boats move past certain predefined coordinates.
  • Email and/or text notifications if boat operates during designated sleep hours.

Combine those benefits with the fact that you can receive instant alerts when renters are abusing your property by boating at excessive speeds, breaking certain rules of the waterways (like violating no-wake zones, and otherwise putting your boat at risk) and there is a lot to love about GPS tracking for boat owners.

Another interesting benefit to consider is the ability to automate the scheduling of routine maintenance. Just as vehicles need maintenance, so do boats. Automating the process ensures certain maintenance needs are met in a timely manner and may extend the life of your boat – extending its overall ability to produce income for you.

GPS can also be used to help renters navigate unfamiliar waterways. This includes things like avoiding sandbars that may cause damage or cause the boat to become lodged, and the ability to find their way back to the marina after a long day on the water.

GPS Tracking Benefits for Renters

Believe it or not, most people who rent boats are not well-practiced when it comes to navigating lakes, rivers, and oceans. This often means they can easily become disoriented and even get lost. When emergencies do occur, they may not always know their precise locations to seek help or find their way back to the marina.

GPS tracking can help with that by providing them with the ability to send out location-based SOS signals seeking help if the vessel becomes disabled. It also works to provide them a path back to shore if they have strayed a little off course during the adventures of the day.

For your boat rental business, the bottom line is, your bottom line can be greatly improved, and your income secured, by incorporating GPS tracking into each of your rental boats.

If you own or manage a rental boat organization, contact us here at LiveViewGPS to learn how GPS tracking for rental boats can benefit your business.

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