GPS Tracking for Reefer Truck Fleets

12 May 2020

Refrigerated truck fleets face unique challenges when compared to other types of trucks on the roads today. It is essential to address these challenges with the right tools and equipment, like GPS tracking for reefer trucks.

These are just a few of the benefits this service offers large and small refrigerated truck fleets.

Monitor Temperature and Send Alerts for Exceptions

With food safety always a priority, it is essential to maintain a consistent temperature inside reefer trucks. In the past, it has proven difficult to monitor temperatures while in transit. That is no longer the case. GPS tracking can monitor a wide range of things, including power disconnects so that you know what is going on with the temperature inside refrigerated trucks and can make appropriate adjustments at the first sign of problems. You will also have a recording of exactly when the power outage happened, and how long the occurrence lasted.

Monitor Driver Behaviors

Driver behavior is another thing that is difficult to monitor from far away. Just as the temperature of your reefer fleet is important to monitor, it is equally important to monitor how your drivers act behind the wheel.

GPS fleet tracking can help with that by offering the option of creating alerts that notify you when certain acts by drivers occur, such as:

  • Speeding
  • Swerving
  • Hard braking
  • Fast accelerating
  • Route deviations
  • Unscheduled stops

Monitoring these things can help you reduce the need for frequent repairs, eliminate many accidents, and lower risks of theft occurring on the road. It can also save you money on fuel, insurance, and labor as a bonus.

Reduce Theft and Catch Thieves Quickly

Yet another benefit of GPS tracking for refrigerated trucks is that it helps to reduce thefts and promotes the prompt capture of thieves who abscond with entire trucks, or valuable cargo.

For instance, a reefer truck carrying a large supply of beef is a valuable and attractive target. Inserting GPS asset tracking devices into the cargo can and equipping your trucks with GPS tracking can reduce thefts and aid in the quick acquisition of thieves when they do occur thanks to real-time GPS tracking of the stolen goods.

These are just a few quick ways GPS fleet tracking can benefit your refrigerated truck fleet. Contact us today to learn more about the many ways GPS tracking can benefit your reefer truck fleet.  Give us a call at 1-888-544-0494.

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