GPS Tracking for Racing Drones

19 Dec 2017

Racing drones can be fun and exciting. It can also be educational. While you may not need to worry about locating lost drones, there are many ways GPS tracking for your drone can prove quite beneficial to anyone considering racing drones now or in the future. These are a few reasons GPS tracking for racing drones is a wise investment.

Recover Lost Drones

While you don’t have to worry about losing your drone on a drone racing course, you will need to practice well and practice often to develop the piloting skills necessary to race your drone effectively. Tracking your drone with GPS tracking allows you to find your drone if it goes off course, gets lost while out of sight, or encounters something that throws it off course, like a bird strike.

Additionally, you can establish safe zones and set up instant alerts if your drone strays outside of certain safe zones or if it is operational during designated “sleep” times. This means that is someone attempts to steal your drone, which are attractive targets these days, you will receive notifications so you can begin tracking your drone in real time to assist law enforcement in its recovery.

Monitor Speeds During the Race and While Training

There’s no better way to determine how far you’ve come as a pilot and how much your skills have grown than to use GPS tracking to map your routes, your speeds, and other pertinent information about your flight activities.

This lets you judge how quickly you can run certain courses and helps to determine how your piloting abilities will stack up against the competition when you know a few key details about the drone course and the pilots you’ll be going up against.

Track Progress of Your Drone When Out of Sight and Throughout the Race

Whether the entire course is within easy range of sight or there are some twists and turns that are just beyond your ability to see clearly, you can keep track of your progress with GPS tracking of your drone by watching on your tablet or mobile phone as your piloting your drone.

You will find that GPS tracking for drones can be a highly useful tool to assist you in perfecting your drone racing form, keeping your drone safe while you do so, and to help you make your next drone race the thrilling experience you’ve always imagined it would be.



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