GPS Tracking for Mopeds

8 Aug 2017

Mopeds offer an eco-friendly transportation option to people who are looking for an inexpensive tool for transportation as well as those who are concerned about the carbon footprint they leave behind. They can also be a great deal of fun to ride.

Because of this, they are attractive targets for thieves looking for a joy ride or to make a quick dollar. You’ve made a considerable investment in your moped. These tips will help you protect that investment.

Double Up on Your Locks

Thieves prefer targets of convenience. They want to do the least possible work in the shortest amount of time. Doubling up on your locks means they have to do twice the work to accomplish the same task and often means they’ll move along to a more attractive target. More importantly, make sure one of those locks is a secured lock that is properly anchored. Also, avoid the temptation to go cheap when looking for bike locks. Choose quality over price instead.

Park in a Well-Lit, Busy Area

Another thing thieves don’t typically like is to shine light on what they’re doing. These are people who like to live in shadows. Keep your moped parked in a lighted area that has a fair amount of foot and road traffic. The busier, the better. This makes it more difficult for thieves to find a window of time when it will be easy for them to take your moped without being seen by others and far more likely for them to move on to a more attractive target.

Install a GPS Tracker on Your Moped

GPS tracking may not deter theft, but it can assist greatly in the recovery of your moped if it is stolen because it allows for real-time tracking of your scooter. You can give law enforcement the GPS information about your moped and they can track your scooter to its exact location. Better yet, you can establish electronic perimeters for your scooter and will receive email or text alerts when it leaves that perimeter or is operated outside of designated hours. This means you will know immediately when it has been stolen saving precious time in your recovery efforts.

Motor scooters and mopeds offer many benefits to travelers today. In addition to convenience and fewer emissions, modern mopeds can get up to 200 miles per gallon – so fuel efficiency is beyond reproach. It’s an investment in your transportation, the planet, and far more fuel efficient than the average car. Protect your investment with these valuable tips and use GPS tracking for mopeds to facilitate the return of your moped if it is stolen.



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