GPS Tracking Helps Halloween Store Recover Stolen Inflatable

11 Jan 2018

It might have seemed like a silly prank to thieves that stole a giant inflatable Frankenstein, but the owner of a family Halloween store got the last laugh when he used GPS tracking to help track down thieves who took this valuable emblem of his business and celebration of the Halloween season.

Tricks and treats aren’t always laughing matter – especially when they rob businesses, families, and communities of fun and festive decorations in any season. While no one likes to think about the necessity of protecting symbols such as these from thieves, more and more people are learning the hard way that it is necessary to do.

Not only are thieves targeting the giant decorations outside his business, but there has also been a sharp rise in shoplifting incidents inside the store. He obviously hoped he’d never need to make use of the GPS device inserted inside the inflatable Frankenstein, but was glad he had done so when the blip on his GPS screen began to move indicating that the giant inflatable had, in fact, been stolen.

He was able to follow the inflatable to the location where it had been taken and enlist the aid of the police in securing the return of Frankenstein to its rightful place.

In many cases like this, when the outdoor decorations, inflatables in particular, are stolen, they are rarely recovered. The inserts of tiny GPS tracking devices into the inflatables provides piece of mind throughout the holiday season. Thanks to advancing technologies and long battery lives in the small trackers, it is increasingly possible to use these for long-term tracking and security of inflatable decorations for Halloween and other holidays throughout the year.

The benefit GPS tracking brings to the picture is that it allows owners to be alerted immediately when items are moved from their designated locations. This means you get a head start on locating the stolen inflatable. Add real-time tracking capabilities into the mix and you can aid local law enforcement with precise GPS coordinates for your missing Halloween decorations.

GPS tracking technology is changing the way businesses operate and allowing many business owners to reduce insurance costs, recover stolen merchandise, and stop thieves in their tracks (whether inside their organizations or on the outside). We look to see the many uses for GPS tracking to increase as more home and business owners learn of novel ways to make it work for them, like this.



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