GPS Tracking to Help with Fresno Bike Thefts

26 Dec 2017

Bicycles are a preferred mode of transportation in the Fresno area of California; however, due to an alarming rise in bike theft, many people who use bikes are reconsidering their transportation options. That’s because bikes are stolen on every day in the Fresno area. In fact, some bikes that are stole are disassembled in chop shops and the parts are sold.

Thanks to technology, the bike theft problem in the Fresno area could be controlled in the near future. Enthusiasts are very hopeful that bikes that are worth thousands of dollars will be outfitted with GPS tracking devices in the very near future. These tracking devices will make it easier for the police to locate and recover the bikes that are stolen.

The bike theft problem in and around Fresno has gotten so bad that some thieves aren’t even taken the entire bike. Some thieves are dismantling bikes and taking the parts so that they can sell them for cash. This is bad news for people who make efforts to protect their bikes by locking them up. A thief can take all of the parts of the bike, leaving just the axle that the lock was attached to. Thieves that really want to take an entire bike can cut the lock and walk off with the bike.

Pablo Armigo, an employee at Rubber Soul Cycle, believes that once bikes are outfitted with GPS devices, the crime rate will significantly drop. He is optimistic that the GPS tracking devices will be a huge deterrent, reducing the number of bike thefts by 60 to 80 percent.

Bike experts in the area say that the GPS tracking technology is available, it’s just a matter of getting the technology into the stores so that it can be outfitted on bikes. At the present time, it is not known exactly when GPS technology for bikes will be made available on the open market, but it is believed that developers are very close to finalizing the devices. Some experts are hopeful that bike GPS tracking devices will come out as soon as next year.

The advent of GPS tracking devices could change the outlook of bike theft in the Fresno area; an area that experiences a tremendous amount of bike theft.



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