GPS Tracking for Foldable Bikes

6 Aug 2018

Folding bikes are awesome for people who live and/or work in a large city. They are convenient for getting around in the heaviest of traffic situations and compact enough to store in closets or offices. You can even take them on buses, trains, and subways in some cities.

Few things beat zooming by a convoy of cars going slower than you on the way into work in the morning or leaving the office in the evening. GPS tracking is a tool that can help you protect your foldable bike and get more enjoyment out of your bike as well.

These are just a few reasons to consider GPS tracking for your foldable bike.

Protect Your Investment

According to the New York Times, foldable bikes cost anywhere from $200 for the most basic models to well over $1,000. The more features the bike has and the more compactly it folds, the higher the price. It makes perfect sense. You can’t always take your bicycle in with you.

Despite your best efforts to protect your bicycle with locks and other devices, there are no guarantees. While GPS tracking doesn’t exactly prevent theft of foldable bikes, it greatly improves the odds of recovering your bicycle after it’s been stolen.

GPS tracking allows you to follow your bikes precise GPS location, so you can share that information with law enforcement officers who can use the GPS data to recover your bicycle quickly.

Get More Mileage from Your Fun

Another way to use GPS with your foldable bicycle is to forge new trails or track your existing one. Some people have even managed to make GPS art by mapping their bicycle routes via GPS devices.

Whether you want to explore the countryside, take in the sights of downtown areas, or find your way to a great new restaurant, GPS for your foldable bike presents an outstanding solution – and opportunity.

Challenge Others to be More Active

Finally, in a world filled with couch potatoes, there are few things you can do to motivate others to exercise than to issue a challenge. Trace your foldable bicycle miles with GPS and challenge friends and family to meet or beat your miles for the day. It’s a great way to encourage better fitness all around and a lot of fun in the process.

You can also invest in foldable bikes for the family (which are far easier to transport) and enjoy the challenge together without worrying about getting lost along the way. GPS can always help you find your way home. With so many benefits for GPS tracking and foldable bicycles, it’s a wonder everyone isn’t trying out this new trend in transportation and technology to protect their new gear.

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