How GPS Tracking Can Help Your Farm to Table Business

31 Oct 2019

Farm to table businesses are sweeping the country offering people fast access to fresh foods that are grown or produced locally. From wines to fish and plants alike, local farms are driving the narrative in this industry with an emphasis on fresh foods and transparency. The idea is that when consumers know where their food is grown and created, they can eat without fear that they are exposing their families to potentially harmful additives and other ingredients.

Delivery Improvements

Not only does GPS tracking for your farm to table business mean your delivery staff gets outstanding turn-by-turn directions for their deliveries, it also means you can provide accurate estimates about the timing of deliveries and can even allow customers to track the arrival of their food, so they know precisely when to expect you.

Mileage Savings

Trim the fat from your mileage by creating more fuel-efficient routes and covering far less territory in the process. GPS tracking can create routes that will save you time and money in a fraction of the time it would take for you to calculate those routes by hand.

Route Efficiencies

Greater efficiency in the routing process helps to improve dispatch timelines and cut fuel and labor costs at the same time. You can do more with less when GPS is the mental muscle behind the driver’s seat.

Real-Time Tracking Information

This means greater transparency for your business as customers can look back and see exactly where their food comes from and all the stops that were made along the way. More importantly, customers know exactly where their food comes from in the event that recalls are necessary. They can see your food is or isn’t on the recall list.

Whether your business serves local restaurants or offers direct-to-consumer deliveries, GPS tracking can help you get more from your mileage helping you to reduce costs and emissions at the same time. This allows your business to operate in an even greater planet-friendly fashion while keeping your customers excited about doing business with you. Try it today to see what a difference it makes.

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