GPS Tracking for Electric Scooters

26 May 2021

Electric scooters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are the perfect choice for sightseeing in the open air, others create energy efficient means to get around town, and a growing number help those who are disabled move about more freely. Whether you own one electric scooter, a handful of electric scooters, or you operate a fleet of electric scooters for rentals, GPS tracking can be extremely beneficial.

Track the Location of Missing Electric Scooters

GPS is, above all else, a tremendous tool for helping people locate missing items. Fitting your recreational or motorized scooters with GPS tracking means that you can track the location of your electric scooter if it is stolen, if tourists renting the equipment get lost, or if someone has taken it for a joyride and left it who knows where. GPS tracking can aid with scooter theft recovery and so much more.

Monitor Charge Status to Schedule a Recharge

No one wants to get caught without sufficient “juice” for the return trip home on an electric scooter. Rental agencies, especially, don’t want to rent scooters that have limited times of use before the charge is depleted. Goodness knows those who rely on scooters for mobility don’t want to become trapped somewhere when their scooters are low on power. Your GPS tracking software can also be used to send signals notifying you of scooters approaching certain levels of energy depletion.

Help People Find Their Way

GPS tracking is not only a tool for preventing theft, aiding in vehicle recovery, and monitoring the charge status of your electric scooter(s). It can also be extremely beneficial in helping you find your way. For scooter rental agencies, you can use GPS to help lost tourists find their way back to you. For recreational scooter owners, you can use GPS tracking to help you find new places to explore (provided you have a sufficient charge, of course).

Provide GPS Location for those Involved in Scooter Accidents

Scooter accidents happen far more often than anyone cares to admit. They are quieter and smaller than most motorcycles, which makes them difficult to see. This means that cars and other vehicles on the road often don’t see scooters. Even at slow speeds, electric scooter accidents present huge risks to health and wellness. It is important to get help to the right location quickly. GPS tracking helps with that.

Contact LiveView GPS today to learn more about how GPS tracking services can help you keep yourself and your electric scooter safe and so much more.

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